Scorpion Keep
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Scorpion Keep (サソリの闘技場 [sasori no tougijou] or 'scorpion arena' in Japanese) is a pre-Calamity area in western Thanalan some ways north from Silver Bazaar, surrounded entirely by Horizon's Edge. It consisted of three separate caves connected by underground tunnels, only the southernmost cave had access to the outside world.

There was nothing special about the caves, other than for being filled with high-level monsters. The local aetherial gate was within the middle one of the three caves.

It is unknown how the disappearance of Scorpion Keep should be taken. It could be that the caves were leveled to make way for new housing areas. It could be that the area Scorpion Keep used to be in was retconned to be more towards the south than what is accessible in version 2.0 maps. It could be it was retconned out entirely. Whatever the case, the name lives on in a way in the Scorpion Crossing waypoint located in Hammerlea.



Regular Monsters
Sabotender Del Sol
Spinesnap Ogre

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