Sasune (サスーン [sasune]) is a kingdom on the Floating continent in Final Fantasy III. It is located in the Nelv Valley, safely nestled between the Parmeni Mountains. Its only neighboring country is Argus to the west, beyond the inner sea. To the south lies wilderness and the Miranos Mountains, and to the north and east is only the outer sea and the rim of the continent.

The Castle Sasune (and presumably the kingdom's capital city if it has one, although it isn't presented in the game) lies on the west side of the Nelv Valley. To the south-east can be found the mining town of Kazus, close by the only route through the Parmeni Mountains to the south. In the north-east is the village of Ur and the Altar Cave that houses the Wind Crystal. In the north of the valley is a lake, beyond which lies the Sealed Cave, within which Djinn was sealed.


Sasune is an ancient kingdom that already flourished at the time of the ancients1, well over a thousand years in the past. During this time Sasune became known as a great kingdom of magic, as they were the first to do research on the magics created by Doga, and as a result developed Black Magic. They employed this newly amplified attack power in the Great Sasune-Saronia War. Their opponents in Saronia used the newly developed arts of White Magic, and the balance of power between the two led to ever-escalating tiers of magic, culminating in the creation of Flare by the Sasunian mages. This ultimate magic was eventually sealed away in the Forbidden Land Eureka by Doga and Unei due to its almost unimaginable destructive power. It is unknown how the war ended other than for that single fact.

When Owen and Desch created the mechanism that allows the Floating Continent to float some 1000 years ago, Sasune went up with the rest of everything else present in the affected area. It is unknown how Sasune was affected by the event or the Flood of Light that happened around the same time period.

In the current day, Sasune is ruled by King Doug, whose single daughter is Sara Altney. Sara is in possession of the mythril ring, which allows her to escape the curse Djinn casts on Sasune when he breaks free from his seal. Everyone else is turned into spirits with no corporeal form. In this state, the future Warriors of Light enter the castle, and are rewarded the folding canoe so that they may enter the Sealed Cave and defeat Djinn. They do so with some help from princess Sara, and the curse on Sasune is broken.


Castle Sasune

The castle of the kingdom (サスーン城 [sasune-jou] or 'castle sasune' in Japanese) is built in four floors and a basement. It consists of the main building and two separate towers, as well as the fortifications built around this complex. The main hall of the castle holds the throne room on the top floor, and on the topmost floor of the east tower is the private rooms of princess Sara Altney.

It bears noting that both the beds on the first floor of the main hall as well as Sara's bed can be slept in for free recovery.



Regular NPCs
King Doug
Sara Altney
Unnamed NPCs in Sasune

Event NPCs


Main building 1F
1,000 gil
1,000 gil

Main building 2F
Phoenix Down

Main building 3F
Bronze Knuckles
Leather Shield

West tower 3F
Holy Arrow
Wooden Arrow

West tower 4F

East tower 3F
Holy Arrow
Wooden Arrow

East tower 4F
Wooden Arrow


West tower 4F
Chest: Griffin

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