Saronia (サロニア [Saronia]) is a kingdom on the Surface World in Final Fantasy III, located on the upper-left continent. It is by-far the largest city in the game, which is uniquely split up into 4 districts, not including the castle itself. In addition, the city contains patches of grass that house enemies.


Saronia's history is relayed primarily through NPC dialogue.The city was once attacked by a bird monster known as Garuda until he was slain by a dragoon. This led to the creation of the Dragon Spire. Saronia is also noted to have had a large military presence at one point in time, having forces consisting primarily of dragoons and airships. Early supplementary material indicates that the region went to war with Sasune at one point in time whilst an NPC comment indicates that they once attacked Falgabard in attempt to gain the secrets of the Dark Blade.

The period between then and the game's start is more unclear. Odin is implied to have been a knight of Saronia, who hide himself away in fear of his own power. Saronia is also implied to have been a prior residence of Cid Haze, who developed airships with the inventors there.

As one of the surface regions, Saronia was flooded and its inhabitants turned to stone when the flood of darkness engulfed the world. It returns to normal after the Water Crystal is restored.

Prior to the beginning of the game, Gigameth appeared and became an advisor to King Gorn. Shortly after, the king began acting oddly, plunging Saronia into a civil war and forcing his men to fight each other. He also exiled his son, Alus Restor from the castle. As a result of the war, most of the businesses in Saronia also ceased operation.

Eventually, the Warriors of Light arrived, having heard of the civil war from a citizen in Amur. However, their airship is shot down, stranding them in the city. They meet Alus in a bar and bring the prince to the castle, where King Gorn suddenly allows him back in. That night, Gorn almost stabs his son with a knife, at Gigameth's demand, but overcomes the brainwashing and stabs himself instead, forcing Gigameth to confront the Warriors of Light in his true form: Garuda. After the battle, King Gorn dies of his injuries and Alus ends the Civil War, restoring peace to Saronia.


Northwestern Saronia features an inn, a magic shop and the Great Library of Saronia.

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The Great Library of Saronia is optional to visit and has several books that can be read. These books vary in terms of content, from providing backstory to the game world to referencing places and things the Warriors of Light will encounter in their travels.
The books are:

Northeastern Saronia

Northeastern Saronia appears to be a weapons district as various weapon and magic shops, along with an inn.

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Southwestern Saronia

Southwestern Saronia primarily features an armor shop and a tavern.

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Southeastern Saronia

Southeastern Saronia is location of the Dragon Spire.

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The Dragon Spire is a tower in which Saronia's Dragoon forces once resided



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