Sanctum of the Twelve


The Sanctum of the Twelve (十二神大聖堂 [juunishin daiseidou] or 'twelve gods cathedral' in Japanese) is an ancient temple built to honor the Twelve at the start of the Fifth Astral Era some 3,000 years in the past1. It was built at a time when what few Eorzeans remained were banding together and uniformly worshiped all of the Twelve equally. Over the millennia the Sanctum fell into ruin and was taken by the forest. However, with the changes in land that the most recent Calamity caused, the Sanctum once again emerged, and in the five years between the Calamity and the start of the events of A Realm Reborn it was repaired to something that resembles its former glory.

It is unknown what the land was like at the time the Sanctum was built, or what its original name might have been. In the present day, it lies in the middle of a lake in east Shroud that is either unnamed or is named Verdant Drop, and can be accessed at the north of the Bramble Patch area. The inner courtyard of the temple can be explored at will, but the inner sanctum, called Ivory Chapel, is reserved for ceremonies of eternal bonding.


Pictured above are maps of the courtyard and the Ivory Chapel. Missing is any map of the waiting rooms within the sanctum where guests gather while waiting for the ceremony proper to start.


Regular NPCs

Ceremony of Eternal Bonding NPCs
Ceremony Concierge
Choir Moogle

Quest NPCs


Main Quests
Crazy Enough to Work

Ceremony of Eternal Bonding Quests
The Ties that Bind

Side Quests
This One's for the Lovers
Windy Wedding


Fishing: Sanctum of the Twelve
Level: 20, Type: Freshwater
Acorn Snail
The Assassin
Bone Crayfish
Dark Bass
Moat Carp
Pond Mussel
River Crab
Tri-colored Carp

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