Ronfaure (ロンフォール地方 [ronfaure-chihou] or 'Ronfaure region' in Japanese) is located in north-western parts of the Quon continent, directly south of Valdeaunia and north of Zulkheim. It is the heartland of the areas traditionally under control of the Kingdom of San d'Oria. The area includes the forests of East and West Ronfaure, city of San d'Oria, Fort Ghelsba, and King Ranperre's Tomb. Right next to San d'Oria there is a lake, and the River Cheval runs through East Ronfaure.

The Ronfaure region goods include chestnuts, carrots, grapes and flour. The regional vendors selling these goods are Corua in Southern San d'Oria G-9, Faustin in Bastok Markets J-9 and Jourille in Windurst Waters J-9.

'Ronfaure' means 'rabbit hole' in Chantagne, the ancient Elvaan language.



This region mostly consists of the vast woodlands that surround the Kingdom of San d'Oria. Once a race predominately made up of hunters, the Elvaan still value their ties to the forest by protecting it - even though the thick foliage leaves them vulnerable to sneak attacks by enemies who lurk in its shadows.

When the kingdom was at its peak, the knights would lead patrols through the trees, maintaining peace throughout the land. But now, the weakening lion of San d'Oria no longer has the power to assure the safety of those who travel through the forest; the region has become a hiding place for ravenous Orcs and thieving Goblins.1


San d'Oria

The capital of the kingdom of San d'Oria, San d'Oria lies at the edge of a large lake and is nestled on all sides by the forests of Ronfaure. The city was once bustling with life, but with the decline of San d'Oria it is now but a shadow of its former self. The castle in the city is connected to the Bostaunieux Oubliette.

Forests of Ronfaure

The forests of West and East Ronfaure are the two areas that mostly make up the Ronfaure region. West Ronfaure has the entrance to Fort Ghelsba as well as the regional Outpost. It is heavily infested with orcs, but also more heavily patrolled by the Royal Knights than its eastern counterpart.
East Ronfaure has the River Cheval running through it. The southern part of the forest hides King Ranperre's Tomb, and to the north lies the entrance to Ranguemont Pass.

Mount Ghelsba

Mount Ghelsba is infamous for its strong Orcish presence, the frontline troops of the Orcish Empire, at Ghelsba Outpost. Its convenient location near to te capital of San d'Oria makes it ideal for attacking the kingdom. Within the outpost is the Fort Ghelsba, a veritable stronghold that makes it very difficult to get rid of the presence of the ever-present orcish threat.
Within Mount Ghelsba there is the area of Yughott Grotto, a tunnel complex the orcs had built. It was never used for its original purpose of making a surprise attack on San d'Oria, and as such now serves only as another place for orcs to gather. Yughott is connected to Horlais Peak, on the peak of Mount Ghelsba.

King Ranperre's Tomb

King Ranperre's Tomb is the tomb of the legendary 24th king of San d'Oria, King Ranperre R d'Oraguille. It is said that a black dragon protects it from within. The area is a maze of historic constructs and old tunnels and caves.

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