Rogue River
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Rogue River (ローグ川 [rogue kawa] or 'rogue river' in Japanese) is a new river in middle La Noscea that was formed during the Calamity. It has its source in an unknown location inland on Vylbrand, and puts out at the Galadion Bay. It forms the natural divide between the areas of Summerford to the north and Zephyr Drift to the south.

The Rogue River gained its name from the opportunistic actions of smugglers who used the newly formed river for their trade in the days following the Calamity. All references to this state it in the past tense, indicating that that particular problem has been dealt with, although it's unknown just how fast the upholders of law in Limsa Lominsa got around to it in the post-Calamity confusion.



Fishing: Rogue River
Level: 1, Type: Saltwater
Beguiler Chub
Dwarf Catfish
La Noscean Perch
Princess Trout

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