Riversmeet (リバーズミート [riversmeet] in Japanese) is an area in Coerthas western highlands. It used to be connected to the central highlands through the Gargoyle Crossing, but this was iced over in the Calamity, and ever since the only widely known way to reach the area from Ishgard is by flying. However, known only to few, the area known as The Warrens, starting from around Greytail Falls, provides access through the Snowcloak to central highlands.

Riversmeet gets its name from the presence of two major rivers that run through it, the Swiftrun River and the Coerthas River. There used to be an aetheryte camp located to the north of where the two rivers cross, but the camp was abandoned in the Calamity, and the shape of the land has since changed. To the south of Riversmeet lies the Falcon's Nest hamlet. Before the Calamity, to the north-east was the area known as Wyrmking's Perch, to the north-west The Lance, and to the west Twinpools. As mentioned, the shape of the land changed somewhat in the Calamity. While the Twinpools can still be found to the west, both Wyrmking's Perch and Lance became inaccessible. Hemlock, an area previously inaccessible, can now be found in the mountains north of Riversmeet, and the Convictory was established nearby where Camp Riversmeet used to be.



Camp Personnel (1.x)
Gatewarden K'leytai
Quartermaster Lycelle

Merchants (1.x)

Others (1.x)


Class Quests (1.x)
Fatal Seduction


Guildleves (1.x)
Golden Opportunity


Coming soon. 1.x had no gathering points in the area.


Regular Monsters (1.x)
Bandit Archer
Bandit Spearman
Gall Gnat
Goblin Freesword
Mad Karakul Ewe
Mountain Peiste
Scarred Kalong
Toxic Toad
Wild Hog

Leve Monsters (1.x)
Coerthas Spriggan

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