Rhotano Sea

The Rhotano Sea (ロータノ海 [rhotano umi] or 'rhotano sea' in Japanese) can be found to the south of Vylbrand in Final Fantasy XIV. The islands of the Cieldalaes can be found in Rhotano, but how far south beyond them it reaches is unknown. To the north-east the Rhotano Sea channels into the Strait of Merlthor, and to the east beyond Cape Deadwind it becomes the Sea of Ash. To the west spreads out the endless expanse of the Indigo Deep.



Vylbrand Coast

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Aldenard Coast

Note that the below locations are listed from north to south.

Fishing Log: Cape Westwind
Level: 45, Type: Saltwater
Blacklip Oyster
Haraldr Haddock
Merlthor Goby
Pirate's Bane
Sea Devil
Silver Shark
Titanic Sawfish
Whitelip Oyster
Timeworn Goatskin Map

Fishing Log: Vesper Bay
Level: 15, Type: Saltwater
Blue Octopus
Harbor Herring
Lominsan Anchovy
Pebble Crab
River Oyster
Rothlyt Oyster
Tiger Cod

Fishing Log: Crescent Cove
Level: 20, Type: Saltwater
Lominsan Anchovy
Razor Clam
Rock Lobster
Saber Sardine
Spotted Puffer

Fishing Log: The Silver Bazaar
Level: 25, Type: Saltwater
Dirty Herry
Hammerhead Shark
Indigo Herring
Lominsan Anchovy
Pebble Crab
Rock Lobster
Rothlyt Oyster
Tiger Cod

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