Red Labyrinth


Red Labyrinth (レッドラビリンス [red labyrinth] in Japanese) is an area in southern Thanalan. It used to be that it was the southernmost accessible part of the region, with Broken Water to its north and Zanr'ak to the north-east. However, for version 2.0 it was shifted around to where the Burnt Lizard Creek canyon used to be located, and Zanr'ak was expanded to cover the original area of the Red Labyrinth. To the north, the Red Labyrinth now gives to Zanr'ak, and to the south lies the Forbidden Springs beyond which is the Sagolii Desert.

Nald's Reflection, that in version 1.x was located in Broken Water, was relocated to the Red Labyrinth for 2.0. It also bears noting that while currently the Red Labyrinth consists of caves and tunnels, in version 1.x it was a regular open-air area.


In version 1.x, the area had no distinguishing features, no landmarks or anything special other than high-level mobs and an aetherial gate. Since version 2.0, the area is now cut into two parts, with a connecting door on both sides. It is never shown what lies between the two doors, although it is described as a natural maze in red rock, giving it its name.

Nald's Reflection (2.0+ only)

A small shrine dedicated to the deity Nald, one half of the twin gods of wealth and death. It was a popular destination for pilgrimages a long time since before the Calamity, although suffered a drop in popularity once Milvaneth Sacrarium opened another shrine within the safe walls of Ul'dah.

Minotaur Malm (2.0+ only)

A trading post used by the Seventy-Seven Caravans, just north of the village of Forbidden Springs. Legend has it that an unfortunate trader was chased by a minotaur for a full malm through the tunnels, although the presence of such a creature in the tunnels has never been confirmed.


NPCs (2.0+ only)

Quest NPCs
269th Order Mendicant Da Za
Angry River
Dozol Meloc
Kazagg Chah
Lalai Lai
Ququruka Tataruka

Flame Scout

Quests (2.0+ only)

Job quests
The Voice in the Abyss (DRK)

Gathering (2.0+ only)

Level: 35
Lightning Shard
Mythril Sand


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Fire Sprite

Quest Monsters (2.0+)
Blizzard Sprite
Cragbite Peiste
Dark Plasma
Summoned Golem
Void Lantern
Void Trumpeter
Summoning Circle

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