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Quarrymill (クォーリーミル [quarrymill] in Japanese) is a hamlet in south Shroud, opening up to Silent Arbor in the north and east, and to Tranquil Paths in the west and south. The East Hathoeva River runs through it. The hamlet is one of the oldest truly Gridanian settlements in the Shroud. It was established in 1077 Sixth Astral Era, right after the elementals permitted the Gelmorrans to settle the Shroud. True to its name, Quarrymill was established as a quarrying point to get the stone required to build the city of Gridania.

Since the end of the Sixth Astral Era, Quarrymill has been plagued by more and more threats to its peace. Not only having to deal with the travelers of the Lumberline from foreign countries, the very domestic poachers and bandits, as well as refugees from Ala Mhigo what with being the closest big settlement in the Shroud on their route, the Ixal also made themselves a menace directly prior to the Seventh Umbral Calamity, and since then there has also been an increasingly threatening Garlean presence. As such, it should come as no surprise that Quarrymill is surrounded by steep walls and is home to heavy Wood Wailer presence.

Silent Arbor being one of the areas the elementals have permitted hunting in, one of the biggest local products appears to be leather and game meat. There are also half-wild groves of apple trees and various other plants in the hamlet's surroundings, indicating a brisk trade in all manner of food products. In version 1.x, the hamlet was home to botanist, carpenter and leatherworker guilds, although they are no longer present in the game as of 2.0. Version 2.0 also saw the addition of an aetheryte to the hamlet, before that the closest one was located at Camp Tranquil Paths.



NPCs (1.x) NPCs (2.0+)
Wood Wailer Ethelinda
Wood Wailer Gylbart
Wood Wailer Hedheue
Radiant Tear
Tseh Panipahr
Quiverman Wybir
Wood Wailer Balan
Wood Wailer Castellaint
Hearer Charline
Daca Jinjahl (leve turn-in)
Wood Wailer Faucertaux
Wood Wailer Juliembert Loitalant (leve turn-in)
Wood Wailer Maelle
Nyell (leves)
Wood Wailer Expeditionary
Wood Wailer Expeditionary Captain (PotD)
Arms Supplier
Delivery Moogle
Traveling Armorer
Ala Mhigan Refugees (2.0+)
Meffrid Noward
Quest NPCs (1.x) Quest NPCs (2.0+)
- O-App-Pesi
Escaped Poacher
Pusillanimous Postmoogle


Main Story Quests (2.0+)
Killing Him Softly
Helping Horn
He Ain't Heavy
Come Highly Recommended

Sidequests (1.x) Sidequests (2.0+)
A Forbidden Love An Apple a Day
Forest Law
In Grandfather's Name
The Marvelous Mun-Tuy Bean
Savage Snares
Slim Pickings
Wretched Hive of Villainy
All You Wanted to Know About Odin (Odin quests)
The Nightmare's End (PotD quests)
Dead But Not Gone
Leves of Quarrymill (leves)
What Lies Beneath (PotD access)

Fieldcraft Leves (2.0+)
Blind Ambition
Fishing 101
Food Chain Reaction
The Long and the Shortcrust
A Shocking Soiree
Sounds Fishy to Me
The Truth Will Set You Free
A Watery Web of Lies

Tradecraft Leves (2.0+) lv20
Blind Man's Bluff
The Devil's Workshop
Dog Tags are for Dogs
Dripping with Venom
Food Fight
For Crumbs' Sake
Getting Handsy
Grinding It Out
Hands On
Hush Little Wailer
I Was a Teenage Wailer
Music to Their Ears
No Hand-me-downs
Not Enough Headroom
One and Only
Open to Attack
Packing a Punch
Picnic Panic
Polearms Aplenty
Powderpost Derby
The Telltale Tress
Wall Not Found
Whatchoo Talking About
When Rhalgr Met Nophica

Tradecraft Leves (2.0+) lv25
Bet You Anything
Campaign in the Membrane
Conspicuous Conjuration
Dancing with the Stars
Get Shirty
Heal Away
Hot for Teacher
I Love Lamprey
I Saw What You Did There
Keep the Change
Lancers' Creed
Love's Crumpets Lost
Necklet of Champions
Need for Mead
No Risk, No Reward
Pantser Corps
Put a Lid On It
Quicker than Sand
Storm of Swords
That's Some Fine Grinding
Toys of Summer
The Wailers' First Law of Potion
Whirled Peas
You Put Your Left Hand In

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