Proud Creek


Proud Creek (プラウドクリーク [proud creek] in Japanese) is the name of both an area and a river in the north Shroud in Final Fantasy XIV. It was heavily retconned between versions 1.x and 2.0+. In version 1.x it was located in the north of Lasthold, in the very northern tip of north Shroud, with Lake Tahtotl and Alder Springs to the west-south-west. In version 2.0+, it is now a river leading south of Lake Tahtotl and an area spreading out on its eastern shore. Alder Springs is to the south and Peacegarden (another old Lasthold area) is to the east. The Ixali settlement Ehcatl is to the south-east.

It bears noting that it appears that almost the whole area of Lasthold was swapped around with Proud Creek. Proud Creek used to be a location in Lasthold, but now it looks as if Lasthold could be a location in Proud Creek. There is a cluster of Gelmorran ruins in the north-east of Proud Creek that appear to be the outside of a fortress or castle of some kind. It is never officially named.


Eugenia's Spire

Eugenia's Spire (ユージニア監視哨 [eugenia kanshishou] or 'eugenia observation post' in Japanese) is a watchtower built in Proud Creek right at the edge of Ixal-controlled territories. The White Rams of the Gods' Quiver is stationed there, led by Miyah Molkot. The tower is named after Eugenia, the lover of the legendary hero Florentel.

Gelmorra Ruins

The Gelmorra Ruins (ゲルモラ遺跡 [gelmorra iseki] or 'gelmorra ruins' in Japanese) is a small cluster of ruins located in southern Proud Creek. The area used to be in southern Lasthold in version 1.x. The ruins remained much the same through the Calamity, although before the Calamity they were lying flat on the ground and in the present day they are slightly crooked, telling of some land deformation in its vicinity. It also bears noting that the small tonberry-sized (and tonberry-lookalike) statues of the same scaled amber as the Amberscale Rock in Sorrel Haven disappeared between the versions. It is unclear if this is a retcon or not, as neither game mentions them anywhere.
What cultural significance the circular stone structure had in Gelmorra is unknown. What is known that it is located directly atop the Gelmorran capital1.

Ixali Logging Grounds

The Ixali Logging Grounds (イクサル軍伐採所 [ixal-gun bassaijo] or 'ixal army logging place' in Japanese) is an area of Proud Creek that the Ixal have completely taken over for the purpose of logging timber and transporting it back to their home in Xelphatol. It is located in the north-west of the Proud Creek area, right on the south-eastern shore of Lake Tahtotl.



Note that there were no NPCs in Proud Creek in version 1.x.

Eugenia's Spire NPCs
Miah Molkot

Quest NPCs
Eschiva Keyes
Widargelt Beake
Gods' Quiver Bow
Philota's Grandson
Qiqirn Rat


Note that there were no quests in Proud Creek in version 1.x.

Side Quests
Don't Shut Me Out
From Gridania, with Love

Air Supply
Don't Disturb This Grove
Rude Awakening
Smells Like Tree Spirit
Steel Reign


Note that there were no gathering points in Proud Creek in version 1.x. The status of fishing in that version is unknown.

Fishing: Proud Creek
Level: 40, Type: Freshwater
Golden Loach
Loyal Pleco
Mitten Crab
Pond Mussel
Southern Pike
Timeworn Leather Map

Fishing Hole: Lake Tahtotl
Level: 50, Type: Freshwater
Assassin Betta
Boxing Pleco
Pond Mussel
Timeworn Peisteskin Map


Please see the page for Lasthold for information on version 1.x Proud Creek enemies.

Regular Monsters
Ixali Boldwing
Ixali Windtalon
Lesser Kalong

FATE Monsters
Ixali Boundwing
Ixali Fearcaller
Ixali Windtalon

Quest Monsters
Ixali Bolecleaver
Ixali Fogcaller
Ixali Limbcutter
Ixali Sabreur
Ixali Soilseer
Ixali Swiftbeak
The Mailed Man
Qiqirn Eggdropper
Scout Wolf

Rank B+ Hunts
Thousand-cast Theda

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