Prominence Point


Prominence Point (紅炎台 [kouen-dai] or 'point of solar prominence' in Japanese) is one of the highest accessible areas in the central highlands of Coerthas. It's located north of Dragonhead, not too far from the local aetheryte camp. Nearby also lies the beastman stronghold Zahar'ak (to the south-east) and a tunnel complex leading to Crooked Fork.


Steel Vigil

On Prominence Point's highest hill lies Steel Vigil, one of the vigil fortresses set up to oversee the city of Ishgard and give it advance warning of approaching threats. Steel Vigil lies to the south-east of the city, and all that lies between the two is the Sea of Clouds.



Regular Monsters
Cloud Hippocerf
Magicked Bones
Ornery Karakul Ewe
Rotting Corpse
Skeleton Swordbearer
Snowbuck Stag
Wild Hog
Yarzon Biter

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