Pirate Island


The Pirate Island (海賊島 [kaizokujima] in Japanese) is a small island off the coast of the western continent, around mid-way between the city of Rusalka to the south and the village of Capo to the north. It's unknown what the island looks like, but it has an extensive cave complex beneath it, and a band of pirates inhabit the far reaches of the cave. The southern edge of the island has a hidden dock for their ships.


Pirate Cave

The Pirate Cave (海賊島洞窟 [kaizokujima doukutsu] or 'cave of the pirate island') has its single entrance right by the hidden docks. It then winds its way downwards and northwards a little bit, leading into the Hideout.

Pirate Hideout

The Pirate Hideout (海賊のアジト [kaizoku no ajito] or 'pirate base') is located at the back of the cave on Pirate Island. It has some buildings carved into the rock, mainly the shop, the inn combined with a bar area and pirate king Bikke's residence.



Pirate King Bikke


210 gil

Item Shop
Potion - 30 gil
Phoenix Down - 200 gil
Gold Needle - 400 gil
Maiden's Kiss - 60 gil
Mallet - 80 gil
Echo Grass - 50 gil
Eye Drops - 30 gil
Antidote - 40 gil
Tent - 200 gil
Sacred Candle - 100 gil


Pirate Cave B1F
Mythril Bangle

Pirate Cave 1F (front)
Echo Grass
1,000 gil

Pirate Cave 2F
Echo Grass
Green Beret
1,000 gil

Pirate Hideout
Eye Drops
1,500 gil


Pirate Cave
Killer Fish
Vicious Clam
Boss: Pirate x4
Boss: Bikke

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