Paglth'an (パガルザン [pagalthan] in Japanese) is an arid area to the east of the Thanalan region. It is home to the amalj'aa race. To the north lies the Yugr'am River and to the south-west the Bay of Dha'yuz.

Not much else is known about Paglth'an. The only time it is mentioned in the game proper (version 1.x) is when the player and their path companion travel to the 'gates of Paglth'an', which just so happens to be in western Broken Water. From there they are brought by the Amalj'aa to an area said to be in Paglth'an, and return from there to the same spot in Broken Water.
Judging by the similarity of the Ifrit battlefield to the area said to be in Paglth'an in that quest, the battlefield might reside in Paglth'an as well. There is no concrete evidence of this and the battlefield is accessed through an unstable aetherial gate.


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