Othard is the easternmost of the Three Great Continents in Final Fantasy XIV. It is connected to the continent of Ilsabard with a strip of land to the west, and is surrounded by the seas (clockwise from the north) Blindfrost, Ruby Tide, Glass Ocean, the Sirensong Sea, and the Bounty that hugs the stretch of land that connects Othard to Ilsabard. There is also the small Knowing Sea in a largely enclosed gap between Othard and Islabard to the north of the connecting stretch of land.

The center of Othard is largely taken over by the extensive Azim Steppe that reaches all the way to the Bay of Yanxia on Othard's eastern shore. To the west it is defined by the One River, beyond which lies the Nhaama. Both these areas face up to the Tail Mountains to the north, and beyond that to the north-west lies the Dalvalan Grath. All of these are known to be lands of the Au Ra.

To the south-east of the Azim Steppe is Yanxia, the province of the city-state of Doma, which lies on a strip of land between the eastern shore of the continent and the One River. Beyond the One River to the west is the Fanged Crescent, and to the south is Nagxia. The areas south of Nagxia are largely unknown as of yet, although to the east of Nagxia lies the Burn enclosed by the Skatay Range. The Burn reaches all the way to the Knowing Sea on the western edge of the continent. Somewhere in Othard is (or was) also the city-state of Rabanastre, but its exact location is unknown.

Beyond the Ruby Tide to the east from Othard is the island nation of Hingashi. It is unknown if the islands that comprise Hingashi are considered to be part of Othard, although for sure all of the north and north-east are considered to be in the Far East, just like Hingashi. The south-western corner of Othard is considered to be in the Near East.

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