Oakwood (オークウッド [oakwood] in Japanese) is a forested and cliffy area in upper La Noscea (outer La Noscea post-Calamity). Before the Calamity happened, it was an out-of-the-way isolated area connected to Iron Lake to the east only through various tunnels that bore through the walls of rock separating them. With the changes the Calamity brought and with some human engineering, it is now possible to ride a chocobo up the cliffs and take the road directly north and west to Iron Lake, although a wagon would not make it. In the Calamity, Oakwood also gained a way to access Skull Valley far to the south directly, instead of having to detour through Bronze Lake as was the case before. That route was blocked when the Calamity made the waters of Bronze Lake rise and reach all the way to Oakwood.

Before the Calamity, Oakwood produced lumber for Limsa Lominsa1. However, the Calamity put a stop to that as the woodcutters fled, and the area was reclaimed by kobolds. A small settlement called Poor Maid's Mill can be found in Oakwood. It stood abandoned for many years until pirates of the Salthound variety decided to call it a home in the years following the Calamity.


Fool Falls

Fool Falls (愚か者の滝 [orokamono no taki] or 'fool's waterfall' in Japanese) is named such due to its use to transport wood in the past. Trunks of wood would be sent down the flow, eventually making their way down the Fool Falls, and should anyone be fool enough to stand in the falls they would be crushed.

Memeroon's Trading Post

Memeroon's Trading Post (メメルン交易商店 [memeroon koueki shouten] or 'memeroon trade shop' in Japanese) is a small shop and ferry dock combination established by the qiqirn Memeroon.

Poor Maid's Mill

Poor Maid's Mill (プアメイドミル [poor maid mill] in Japanese) received its name from how the wives of woodcutters working nearby would lose their husbands to the kobolds roaming the woods.2 The Mill's original inhabitants left after the Calamity hit, and the mill is now inhabited by Salthound pirates.


Thalaos (サラオスの亡骸 [thalaos no nakigara] or 'thalaos's corpse' in Japanese) is the ancient bones of a giant sea creature dead long ago and buried in the soil of La Noscea. The bones were brought to the surface in the Calamity, and was named Thalaos due to their resemblance to the size of the legendary sea creature Thalaos.



Note that there were no NPCs in Oakwood in version 1.x.

Memeroon's Trading Post

Other NPCs
Junkmonger Nonoroon
Tanga Tonga

Quest NPCs
Jacke Swallow
Oboro Torioi


Note that there were no quests in Oakwood in version 1.x.

Main Quests
Like Fine Wine

Side Quests
Buried Truth
The Hottest of Box Lunches

Giant Enemy Crab
Poor Maid's Mess
Poor Maid's Misfortune
Poor Maid's Mishap
Simurgh is the Word


Note that there were no gathering points in Oakwood in version 1.x.

Level: 30
Earth Shard
Fire Rock
Lightning Rock
Water Rock

Level: 30
Chamomile Seeds
Earth Shard
Noble Grapes
Pixie Plums
Pixie Plum Seeds
Sticky Rice

Fishing: Fool Falls
Level: 20, Type: Freshwater
Bluebell Salmon
Crimson Crayfish
Dark Bass
Fall Jumper
Four-eyed Fish
Jade Eel
Joan of Trout
River Crab
Warmwater Trout

Fishing: Oakwood
Level: 20, Type: Freshwater
Common Sculpin
Dark Bass
Faerie Bass
Four-eyed Fish
Jade Eel
Pond Mussel
River Crab
Warmwater Trout


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Bumble Beetle
Coeurl Pup
Forest Yarzon
Kobold Footman
Kobold Pickman
Wild Wolf
Emerald Salamander
Qiqirn Mercenary

FATE Monsters (2.0+)
382nd Order Pickman Ge Bu
Coeurl Pup
Dirty Rat
Kobold Footman
Kobold Gurneyman

Quest Monsters (2.0+)
Bloody Executioner Deckhand
Bloody Executioner Leech
Tree Slug

Rank B+ Hunts (2.0+)

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