Nine Ivies


Nine Ivies (ナインアイビー [nine ivies] in Japanese) is an area in the east Shroud in Final Fantasy XIV. It is one of the few bastions of human presence in the east Shroud traditionally, as most areas are stalked by sylphs. Nine Ivies is located quite centrally in the region, with Bramble Patch (/Verdant Drop) to the north, Larkscall to the east beyond the Springripple Brook, and Honey Yard to the west (starting with version 2.0, Honey Yard used to be an area in eastern Nine Ivies before that). To the north-west used to be Lynxpelt Patch, but the area has been inaccessible starting with version 2.0. Also starting with version 2.0 the Mun-Tuy Cellars were retconned to be on the border between east and south Shrouds, and as such now functions as a connection point between Nine Ivies and Silent Arbor.

In central Nine Ivies is the Hawthorne Hut, and in the east right by the Springripple Brook is the sylvan settlement of Little Solace. Before the Calamity, Camp Nine Ivies was separate from the Hawthorne Hut, but afterwards the new aetheryte was placed at the Hut, making that the main hub of all activity in the area. The Garlean Empire has also been making inroads into the Shroud since their conquering of Ala Mhigo some twenty years past, and have erected the Baelsar's Wall and the Castrum Oriens in the south-east of Nine Ivies.


Amarissaix's Spire

Amarissaix's Spire (アマリセ監視哨 [amarissaix kanshishou] or 'amarissaix observation post' in Japanese) is a watchtower built in recent years in the south-west of Nine Ivies, to keep an eye on Garlean activity on Baelsar's Wall and Castrum Oriens. As Gridania's newest watchtower, it was named after Amarissaix, a Gods' Quiver officer who perished at the Battle of Carteneau.

The Hedgetree

The Hedgetree (境樹 [kyoju] or 'border tree' in Japanese) is one of those that stand all throughout the Black Shroud and carry the burden of the Hedge that protects the Shroud from outsiders.

Josselin's Spire

Josselin's Spire (ジョスラン監視哨 [josselin kanshishou] or 'josselin observation post' in Japanese) is a watchtower built on a cliff right behind the Hawthorne Hut. It was named after Josselin, a legendary Wood Wailers captain, and is these days manned by both Wailers and the Gods' Quiver.

Toro-Moy Battlewarrens

Not much at all is known about the area. It is known to be a cave complex related to an important battle in Gridania's past, but that is about it. In version 1.x, it was located in a cave system right by Hawthorne Hut, but it bears noting that the location of the Hut was retconned for version 2.0+.



Watchtower Guards (2.0+) Camp Personnel (1.x)
Wood Wailer Aniud
Wood Wailer Piralnaut
Gatewarden Ahldwaen
Quartermaster Troegmoer
Nine Ivies Battlewarden
Zehpkref (merchant)
Quest/FATE/Leve NPCs (2.0+) Quest NPCs (1.x)
Jehantel Fointeaume
Yugiri Mistwalker
Deputy Postmoogle
Harried Healer
Mead-porting Midlander
Orphaned Sylph
Serpent Scout
Wounded Wood Wailer


Side Quests (2.0+)
Stand-in Sentry

Battlecraft Leves (2.0+) Battlecraft Leves (1.x)
Can't Say No to Gnat
A Guest for Supper
Monkey Business
Ochus Bite, Leaves Bleed
Something in the Mead
Stew for Two
The Transporter
All Nine Ivies is a Stage
The All-seeing Eyes
Efts from Afar
Fire Fighting
Necrologos: The Fallen
Reforesting Nine Ivies
Slugging it Out
Tickling Whiskers
What the Devilet Dons
Grand Company Leves (2.0+) Faction Leves (1.x)
Blinded by the Wight
Burn It Down
Go with the Flow
A Little Constructive Exorcism
Mortal Munchies
A Real Wingnut
She's So Mean
Sylph Strands
Operation: Frame Work
Wanted: Alvara Sourkiss
Wanted: Coiled Adder
Fieldcraft Leves (2.0+) Fieldcraft Leves (1.x)
Briar in the Hole
Maple Stories
Never Strikes Twice
The Quick and the Dead
Fishing Nine Ivies
Logging Nine Ivies
To Fry a Pike
Tradecraft Leves (2.0+) Tradecraft Leves (1.x)
Note that in 2.0 the tradecraft leves
are turned in at Hawthorne Hut.
Arboreal Alchemy
Clearing Nine Ivies
Hungry Like the Wolves
In Arm's Reach
Pole Positioning
Re-crating the Scene
Springripple Rising
A Well-Deserved Dinner

FATEs (2.0+)
Ivy League
Jack of All Trades
Lazy for You
Royal Rumble
Steel Reign
Stopping the Spread
What Have you Done for Mead Lately


Mining (2.0+) Quarrying (2.0+) Mining (1.x) Quarrying (1.x)
- Grade 1 Shroud Topsoil (lv30)
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter
Green Pigment
Wind Crystal
Wind Shard
- -
Logging (2.0+) Harvesting (2.0+) Logging (1.x) Harvesting (1.x)
Faerie Apple (lv20)
Faerie Apple Seeds
Wind Shard
Yew Branch
Yew Log
Belladonna (lv20)
Galago Mint
Gil Bun
Shroud Seedling
Wind Shard]
Silkworm Cocoon (lv50+)
Oak Log
Oak Branch
Supple Spruce Branch
Fishing (2.0+) Fishing (1.x) Spearfishing (1.x)
- Crayfish
Monke Onke
Northern Pike
Velodyna Carp
Cretified Matter
Dart Frog
Purple Dye


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Boar Poacher
Boring Weevil
Faerie Funguar
Gall Gnat
Overgrown Ivy
Raptor Poacher
Wind Sprite
Wolf Poacher
Ziz Gorlin
Black Eft
Fire Elemental
Mad Angler
Migrating Doe
Pteroc Matron
Scarred Kalong
Spiny Dormouse
FATE Monsters (2.0+) Behest Monsters (1.x)
Fruiting Fungus
Giant Gnat
Jackanapes's Bean-bearer
Lazy Laurence
Overgrown Ivy
Prince of Pestilence
Hellsfire Hedgemole
Leve Monsters (2.0+) Leve Monsters (1.x)
Carrier Ladybug
Carrier Djigga
Giant Bee
Giant Gnat
Gnarled Treant
Leafbleed Ochu
Leafbleed Hare
Long-winded Lemur
Milburh the Mystic
North Shroud Lemur
Pannixia of the Woven Wing
Poisonous Flytrap
Pus Gnat
Tempered Sylvan Scream
Tempered Sylvan Sough
Trickster Imp
Vodoriga Cur
Wicked Soul
Zombie Pikeman
Zombie Wizard
Alvara Sourkiss
Bile Gnat
Coiled Adder
Darkeye Devilet
Dire Dormouse
Earth Elemental
Fumbling Funguar
Ixali Bravo
Lake Crab
Northern Eft
Plasma Spark
Tusked Hog
Quest Monsters (2.0+) Quest Monsters (1.x)
Blood Bat
Buzzing Djigga
Imperial Eques
Leaping Lemur
Tainted Water Sprite
Tipsy Sylph
Water Sprite
Young Antelope Stag
Imperial Hastatus
Imperial Retiarius
Imperial Speculator
Imperial Triarius
Spirit of the Wood
Event Monsters (2.0+) Event Monsters (1.x)
- Moon-eared Mouse
Moon-eyed Mouse
Moon-toothed Mouse
Rank B+ Hunts (2.0+) Notorious Monsters (1.x)
Stinging Sophie

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