Nanawa Mines


Nanawa Mines (ナナワ銀山 [nanawa ginzan] or 'nanawa silvermines') is a mine located in the area of Black Brush not too far north from the city of Ul'dah. It is owned and operated by Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern, and while it's had several cave-ins and was more in use before, these days the surface deposits have been mostly depleted and they have been opened to the public.

Note that while Nanawa Mines only had an entrance in central Thanalan before the Calamity, in the years following it it became the main path to northern Thanalan, quite possibly due to collapse of the canyon that provided the previous road. In version 2.0 and later, the Nanawa Mines themselves are no longer accessible, and are skipped over on transition from Black Brush to Bluefog.

Info (1.x)


Nanawa Mines Battlewarden
Flame Sergeant Byrne (GC leves)

Gathering Points

Fishing (Grade 4)
Southern Pike
Velodyna Carp

Mining (Grade 4)
Iron Ore
Light Kidney Ore
Silver Ore


Fighting Leves
Antling Invasion
Corpus Adamance
Necrologos: Adamantine Wills
Necrologos: Torn Asunder
Overtime in the Mines
The Potter's Price
Spirited Below
Tuning In

Horn and Hand Leves
While They're Young

Grand Company Leves
A Beautiful Mind


Regular Monsters
Antling Worker
Bomb Ember
Cellar Puk
Cursed Eye
Darkeye Devilet
Goblin Thug
Iron Coblyn
Jumping Djigga
Magicked Bones
Molting Miteling
Pus Gnat
Skeleton Swordbearer
Westroad Footpad
Yarzon Bleeder

Additional Leve Monsters
Bog Yarzon
Darkwing Devilet
Deepground Puk
Loverly Ladybird
Rubyscale Pteroc
Vile Gnat
Wandering Wisp
Wind Elemental

Notorious Monsters
Kokoroon Quickfingers

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