Murmur Rills


Murmur Rills (さざめき川 [sazameki gawa] or 'noisy river' in Japanese) is a river area that has been used in two different locations over the course of Final Fantasy XIV's life. It is unknown if these differing uses are meant to be a retcon, or if Murmur Rills really covers that much ground. Below, both versions of Murmur Rills are presented.

In version 1.x, Murmur Rills is a shallow river area in west Shroud that connects Pixie Falls in the north to Faerie Falls in the south. It is located on the road from Gridania to Mor Dhona, and is surrounded both to the east and west with Crimson Bark. It bears noting that the west Shroud was completely destroyed in the Calamity, and there is no knowledge of how this part of Murmur Rills fared.

In version 2.0+, Murmur Rills is a shallow river that flows through much of the north Shroud. It starts somewhere to the north, flows through Hyrstmill, and then acts as a divider separating Peacegarden and Alder Springs to the north/west of the river and Treespeak to the south/east. South of Alder Springs, a river from the north-west joins into the Murmur Rills. That part of the river is unnamed, and although it comes from the Fallgourd Lake, it might be another branch of Murmur Rills, or might even be considered part of Proud Creek that connects Lake Tahtotl and Fallgourd Lake. Whatever the case, from the fusing of the two branches Murmur Rills continues south, although whether that is to the south-west where it joins with the Murmur Rills in the west Shroud, or whether it flows somewhere else (either due to changes in the land or due to retcon), is unknown.



Note that there were no gathering points in Murmur Rills in version 1.x. The status of fishing in that version is unknown.

Fishing: Murmur Rills
Level: 15, Type: Freshwater
Blue Widow
Bluebell Salmon
Brass Loach
Maiden Carp
Rainbow Trout
River Crab
Tri-colored Carp


Note that since Murmur Rills is a river instead of an area in version 2.0, there are mobs present only in the version 1.x area.

Regular Monsters (1.x)
Bark Eft
Dew Hare
Fallen Captain
Rotting Corpse

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