Mordion Gaol

The Mordion Gaol is an area present in Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. Its canonity is uncertain, and it has been used in 4th wall breaking ways in FF14. Functionally, the Gaol is a place where player characters who have behaved badly enough to earn a timeout get sent to when on their punishment period.

Under normal circumstances, the Gaol can only be accessed by having a GM move your character there.

Final Fantasy XI

The architecture in FF11 resembles that present in Horutoto Ruins, and each room in the Gaol is simply a square stone room with no entrances or exits that has a stone arch on the northern wall.

Final Fantasy XIV

The Gaol in FF14 consists of a single stone room with a steel-barred door on one wall.

The first widely accessible instance of access to the Gaol was in version 1.x in the first event featuring the Wandering Minstrel. The Minstrel was imprisoned and sent there by Lominsan Yellowjackets. Upon inquiring after him in Bloodshore, the player was sent there as well, only to be broken out by the Minstrel himself.

The second instance came long after in 2017's the Rising event. A dimensional disturbance appeared in Nophica's Wells. Upon entering it the player discovered that the place the disturbance led to was the Gaol. With the Wandering Minstrel, the player then solved a labyrinth inside a monster's mind (consisting of happy anniversary messages from the developers as well as mock-desperate messages from development crunch time), which closed the dimensional disturbance.

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