Moraby Bay


Moraby Bay (モラビー湾 [moraby wan] or 'moraby bay' in Japanese) is an area in lower La Noscea, at the northern tip of the bay formed by the Gods' Grip. It's connected to Bearded Rock to the north-west (1.x only, after the Calamity that connection was cut off and Moraby Bay could now be accessed directly from the city of Limsa Lominsa via a new bridge) and Cedarwood to the north-east. To the south-east lies the Widow Cliffs area (accessible in 1.x only), and in version 2.3 and onwards the settlement of Mist can be found beyond that. The south-west area changes considerably over time. In 1.x before the Calamity, only more Bearded Rock could be found there, whereas after the Calamity the area was titled as Gods' Grip as per the name of the whole peninsula.

The cave complex Shposhae could be found in the area before the Calamity destroyed it.


The Eyes

The eyes (眼鏡岩 [megane iwa] or 'glasses rock' in Japanese) is a part of the cliff above La Thagran Eastroad that has been formed into the shape of glasses or eyes over time due to the effects of wind and rain. The 'eye' parts form two holes through which the road continues forward.
The Eyes is also the location of a Yellowjacket outpost.

Madman Bridge

The Madman Bridge (迷子橋 [maigobashi] or 'lost child bridge' in Japanese) is a bridge over the Mourning Widow river that allows the La Thagran Eastroad to continue northward. The English name refers to how only a madman would cross it unprepared, as there are kobolds and worse beyond it.

The Mourning Widow

The Mourning Widow (モーニングウィドー [mourning widow] in Japanese) refers to the river and waterfall found in central Moraby Bay in version 2.0. There was no mention of it before that, although it is known to have been present.1 Before the Calamity, the river flew down to the ocean on firm ground, but the effects of the Calamity eroded away much of the cliffs, and thus the water now forms a waterfall.

Oschon's Embrace

Oschon's Embrace (オシュオン大橋 [oschon oohashi] or 'oschon great bridge' in Japanese) is a bridge built in the aftermath of the Claamity by Naldiq & Vymelli's. It connects Moraby Bay to Gods' Grip to the south. The floodwaters of the Calamity made parts of the ground collapse, forming the great chasm that now separates Gods' Grip from mainland Vylbrand, newly necessitating the bridge's existence.



Yellowjackets (2.0+) Pirates (1.x)
Ancreta Forchetaix
Quest/FATE NPCs (2.0+) Quest NPCs (1.x)
Innocent Maiden
Lickerish Lad


Side Quests (2.0+)
Cry Me a Liver


Mining (2.0+)
Level: 50+
Gregarious Worm
Raw Ruby
Raw Sapphire

Harvesting (2.0+)
Level: 15
Cieldalaes Spinach
Cinderfoot Olive
Earth Shard
Earthlight Seeds
Highland Parsley
Lowland Grapes
Lowland Grape Seeds
Olive Seeds

Fishing: The Mourning Widow (2.0+)
Level: 1, Type: Freshwater
Dusk Goby
Dwarf Catfish
Princess Trout

Fishing: Moraby Bay (2.0+)
Level: 5, Type: Saltwater
Other: the Japanese name further identifies this as Moraby Bay West Coast
Blue Octopus
Malm Kelp
Merlthor Goby
Moraby Flounder
Ocean Cloud
Oschon's Print
Pebble Crab
Sea Cucumber
Vongola Clam


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Little Ladybug
Mossless Goobbue
Wharf Rat
Ankle Biter
Mossy Goobbue
Puk Hatchling
Tempest Biast
FATE Monsters
Cane Toad
Quest Monsters (2.0+) Quest Monsters (1.x)
Island Megalocrab
Molting Megalocrab
Rank B+ Hunts

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