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Mor Dhona (モードゥナ [mor dhona] in Japanese) is a small region in the very middle of the continent of Aldenard. It is the center of the continent's flow of aether, and very susceptible to disturbances in it. Due to this very reason, Mor Dhona used to be a wooded wetland, but since the Battle of Silvertear Skies it has been a crystallized deadland. In its center lies the Silvertear Lake, the biggest lake on Aldenard.
Mor Dhona itself is a very small region and has not been further divided into sub-regions.

Mor Dhona lies directly south of the White Maiden, one of the major rivers of Aldenard. Beyond the Maiden lies the highland region of Coerthas, and the Yafaem Saltmoor lies to the north-west. To the north-east is the Black Shroud, and the Hathoeva River flows from the east side of Silvertear Lake in a east, south-easterly direction. To the south can be found the region of Thanalan, from which Mor Dhona is partially separated from by the Carteneau Flats.

Due to the disturbed state of aether in Mor Dhona, the most prominent weather is miasma, a purple mist that makes it hard to tell if it is night or day. Other than that, you may occasionally find sunshine or rain in the region.
There was no permanent settlements in Mor Dhona in the recent decades at the very least, until 1572 when the Castrum Novum was built (and later renamed Castrum Centri). Later on adventurers took to calling the region home, and built the settlement of Revenant's Toll. Local produce could be expected to consist of such things as peiste scales and hides, ogre horns and diremite web.


Despite not bearing names as such (at the very least, in the games themselves), Mor Dhona can be roughly divided into norther and southern halves. The southern half of the region includes Brittlebark and its aetheryte camp as well as the Jagged Crest Cave, but as of version 2.0 it is no longer accessible to players. The southern half is skipped over completely when moving between Mor Dhona and Thanalan.

The northern half consists mainly of Revenant's Toll, the location of the old pre-Calamity aetheryte camp and the site where the adventurer settlement was later built. Following the curve of the Silvertear Lake to the south-east finds the North Silvertear shoreline and cliffs of the Singing Shards. It bears noting that the local aetherial gate pre-Calamity was connected to the Brittlebark aetheryte instead of the one in Revenant's Toll, and the area was thus considered to be part of the southern half. Following the lakeshore to the south-west takes you to Fogfens and the Garlean stronghold Castrum Novum/Castrum Centri.

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