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Moonflow (幻光河 [genkougawa] or 'illusion-light river' in Japanese. Note that 幻光 is also used in the word for 'pyrefly') is a river on the Djose continent in Spira. It divides the continent into southern and northern sides, and as such is the biggest river on Spira. Southwest from the southern reaches of the river are the Djose Temple and Mushroom Rock Road. Downstream on its north side Guadosalam and its surrounding forest can be found.

Moonflow is known for its moonlilies, a type of purple-white flower that shines in the night. These flowers seem to attract pyreflies. At its best, the Moonflow must glitter for miles, making it definitely a sight to see. Not much is known about the native non-monster life along the river other than that, but presumably it is where shoopufs live.


In the river itself (presumably somewhere nearer to Djose than Guadosalam) can be seen the ruins of an ancient machina city, submerged in the water. Considering that the machina civilization fell around a thousand years ago, the ruins must be ancient - and a testament to the staying power of the civilization's products.

At some point (unknown if this happened before or after the fall of the machina city), many Hypello settled along the river. In the present day they have a business for ferrying travelers along the river on the back of shoopufs. The shoopuf route from Djose to Guadosalam passes by the machina city, making the route a tourist attraction itself. Around the shoopuf camps many merchants have found their living, offering their products to needy travelers.

In FF10, Yuna traveled over the Moonflow with Tidus and her other Guardians on her way to Guadosalam, aiming to reach the temple in Macalania. She meets up with Belgemine on the road right before the river itself. Upon reaching the river, she reminisces about the last time she was there, as a child. She traveled the Moonflow with Kimahri on their way to Besaid. This time, the journey isn't as smooth as before, as the party is chased by Extractor, an Al Bhed machine in search of Yuna, who they must battle against to continue. On the Guadosalam bank of the river, the small party comes across Rikku, who joins them on their way.

A couple years later in FF10-2, Yuna visited the Moonflow again, although this time in a much more frivolous mood. She ended up advertising her upcoming concert in the Thunder Plains.


Djose Bank
The Djose bank shoopuf docks are a much bigger waystation for travelers than the Guadosalam bank. It features many merchants as well as numerous storage tents for goods on their way north or south.

Guadosalam Bank
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Coming soon


Merchant (1)
Antidote 100 gil
Bright Armlet 3,150 gil
Emerald Bangle 2,250 gil
Echo Screen 100 gil
Eye Drops 100 gil
NulTide Ring 3,150 gil
Phoenix Down 200 gil
Potion 100 gil
Serum Shield 2,850 gil
Soft 100 gil
Soft Armguard 5,250 gil
White Bracer 6,150 gil

Merchant (2)
Antidote 100 gil
Blurry Moon 6,150 gil
Echo Screen 100 gil
Eye Drops 100 gil
Flametongue 3,750 gil
Hunter's Sword 2,250 gil
Ice Ball 3,750 gil
Phoenix Down 200 gil
Potion 100 gil
Soft 100 gil
Twin Lance 8,700 gil

Merchant (3)
Antidote 62 gil
Blue Bracer 3,843 gil
Bright Shield 1,968 gil
Dancer Armguard 1,968 gil
Echo Bangle 1,968 gil
Echo Screen 62 gil
Eye Drops 62 gil
Phoenix Down 125 gil
Potion 62 gil
Serum Ring 1,781 gil
Soft 62 gil
Soft Armlet 3,281 gil


Final Fantasy X

Djose Bank
Lv 1 Keysphere x3
Lv 1 Keysphere x3
Magic Def Sphere
Phoenix Down x2
5,000 gil

Guadosalam Bank
Al Bhed Primer, vol XII
Antidote x4


Final Fantasy X

Bite Bug
Snow Flan
Boss: Ixion
Boss: Extractor

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