Molten Cave


Molten Cave (炎の洞窟 [honoo no doukutsu] or 'flame cave' in Japanese) is a cave on the Floating Continent in Final Fantasy III. Its entrance lies in the north parts of the dwarven isle, and the only other main feature on the island is the Dwarven Hollows to its south. Between the Molten Cave and the Dwarven Hollows lies a chocobo forest.
In the deepest reaches of the Molten Cave is hidden the Fire Crystal. It could be that it's the Crystal's presence that makes the cave such a fiery place to be.

During the game, the Warriors of Light chase down the thief Gutsco to the Molten Cave after he steals the treasured horns of the dwarves. He transforms into Salamander and they defeat him in front of the Fire Crystal, which then grants them new jobs.


Should you try to enter the Molten Cave before the story takes you there, a wall of fire will be blocking your path at the start of the cave.
Many parts of the cave are filled with lava. It can only be entered and exited where stairs are found, and will sap your party's HP at the rate of 10 HP per second while you're in it.


Antarctic Wind
Antarctic Wind

Freezing Blade
Phoenix Down

Impact Claws
Phoenix Down


Red Marshmallow
Boss: Salamander

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