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Mog Gardens are located on the smallest of the Adoulin Islands in the Senroh Sea, where the Sacred City of Adoulin also lies. They are reserved for use for adventurers who have come from far and wide in aid of the Ulbuka colonisation efforts. Each Mog Garden comes equipped with its very own moogle caretaker, who aids in the various tasks to keep the Garden in good shape.

For visiting the Mog Garden for the first time, you gain a GPS Crystal to store GPS stars in. You gain 1 Garden Positioning System (GPS) star for every first visit in a real-world day (resets at JP midnight). These can be traded for various services with the moogle caretaker.

Any adventurer in Final Fantasy XI can gain a Mog Garden once they fulfil the necessary requirements. These are to either reach rank 3 in their nation and gain the Adventurer's Certificate, or head west to Adoulin and obtain the Pioneer's Badge. Entry to your Garden can be gained through any of the below methods. Note that you can also invite other adventurers to your Garden by selecting the 'Open Mog' from the house menu.

Points of Entry
Cunegonde / Eastern Adoulin G-11
Dangueubert / Western Adoulin H-11
Mog Dinghy / Port San d'Oria I-8
Mog Dinghy / Port Bastok K-11
Mog Dinghy / Port Windurst C-8
Mog House (with a Mog House exit quest done)


There are various activities to be done in a Mog Garden. Each of them is unlocked via the introductory quests that start upon entering a Mog Garden for the first time, and can be continued via the Green Thumb Moogle in succession until all are unlocked. While they are mostly helm activities by type, these activities don't require tools, and can yield better items more consistently.

Garden Furrows
Gardening on the right side of your Garden. Requires planting seeds in order to get crops, although you get several crops worth of items from each bag of seeds. You can also fertilize the furrows for various effects.

Arboreal Grove
Logging and harvesting by the small grove of trees on the left side of your garden. Fertilization is possible with various worms and beetles.

Mineral Vein
Mining and excavation by the rock at the back of your garden. You can gain various effects by using alchemic concoctions made for this purpose.

Pond Dredger
Freshwater fishing from the pond at the back of your garden on the left side.

Coastal Fishing Net
Ocean fishing from a fishing net on the far edge of your beach, on the opposite side from the dinghy.

Gather various items from your beach (list of some possible rewards below under Treasure).

Ranking Up

Once a feature is unlocked and has been in use for several days, you can buy higher ranks of the various features. Rank-up items can be bought from Zenicca for Bayld (with Pioneers' Coalition Edification rank 4 or higher) or from a Skipper Moogle for gil. With ranks 3 and 5, the appearance of that feature in your Garden changes.

Note that only the features mentioned in the below tables can rank up. There is no way to rank up Flotsam, so it will stay the default rank.

Rank Activity Rank-Up Item Bayld Cost Gil Cost
2 Garden Furrow Sow★Your★Seed 1,000 10,000
2 Arboreal Grove Give My Regards to Reodoan 1,000 10,000
2 Mineral Vein Mythril Marathon Quarterly 1,000 10,000
2 Pond Dredger A Farewell to Freshwater 1,000 10,000
2 Coastal Fishing Net The Old Men of the Sea 1,000 10,000
3 Garden Furrow My First Furrow 3,000 20,000
3 Arboreal Grove Adoulin's Topiary Treasures 3,000 20,000
3 Mineral Vein Take a Lode Off 3,000 20,000
3 Pond Dredger Water, Water Everywhere! 3,000 20,000
3 Coastal Fishing Net Susuroon's Biiig Catch 3,000 20,000
4 Garden Furrow Fields and Fertilizing 5,000 40,000
4 Arboreal Grove Grandiloquent Groves 5,000 40,000
4 Mineral Vein Varicose Mineral Veins 5,000 40,000
4 Pond Dredger Dredging's No Drudgery 5,000 40,000
4 Coastal Fishing Net Black Fish of the Family 5,000 40,000
5 Garden Furrow Designer Farming 7,000 60,000
5 Arboreal Grove Arboreal Abracadabra 7,000 60,000
5 Mineral Vein Tales from the Tunnel 7,000 60,000
5 Pond Dredger All the Ways to Skin a Carp 7,000 60,000
5 Coastal Fishing Net 20,000 Yalms Under the Sea 7,000 60,000

In addition to ranking up, you can also enhance your Garden's various features temporarily by using specific items on them. These can be bought from Ceciliotte (appears under the same conditions Zenicca does).


There are three different NPC assistants you can hire for your help in the Mog Garden. To unlock each one, you have to follow specific quests (listed below in the Unlisted Quests section). Each has their own areas of specialty in the Garden.

Kuyin Hathdenna
Garden Furrows (more items or more seeds)
Pond Dredger (more fish, bigger fish or smaller fish)

Garden Furrows (more items or rarer items)
Coastal Fishing Net (more items, bigger fish or smaller fish)

Arboreal Grove (more items or more gathering opportunities)
Mineral Veins (more items or more gathering opportunities)



Green Thumb Moogle
Porter Moogle
Kuyin Hathdenna


Green Thumb Moogle (gil shop)
Vegetable Seeds - 280 gil
Fruit Seeds - 320 gil
Grain Seeds - 280 gil
Herb Seeds - 280 gil
Cactus Stems - 1,685 gil
Wildgrass Seeds - 320 gil

Green Thumb Moogle (GPS shop)
Trip to San d'Oria - 1 GPS star
Trip to Bastok - 1 GPS star
Trip to Windurst - 1 GPS star
Gil Repository - 5 GPS stars
One week of work from Kuyin Hathdenna - 5 GPS stars (unlocked through quest)
One week of work from Susuroon - 5 GPS stars (unlocked through quest)
One week of work from Yeestog - 5 GPS stars (unlocked through quest)
Coalition Humus - 10 GPS stars
Super Baitball - 10 GPS stars
Coalition Chum - 10 GPS stars
Crab Caller - 15 GPS stars
Coalition Fertilizer - 15 GPS stars
Coalition Serum - 15 GPS stars
Overalls - 30 GPS stars


Green Thumb Quests
Full Fields
Green Groves
Mining Missive
Pond Probing
Coastal Chaos
Seed Sowing
Flotsam Finding
Courtesy Crustacean
Trinket for the Tyrant
Hypnotic Hospitality

Unlisted Quests
Kit Empathizer
Jingly Dangler
Mole Manipulator


Each of the items listed below is a possible reward from picking up Flotsam at the beach of your Mog Garden. A new piece of flotsam appears every real-world day (resets at JP midnight). Note that the list below is incomplete.




Blizzard IV

Spawn Items

Drum Magazine
Gold Beastcoin
Karugo Clay
Mana Channeler
Miratete's Memoirs
Mythril Beastcoin
Optic Fiber
Silver Beastcoin
Smoke Screen
Tactical Processor
Target Marker
Turbo Charger
Glass Pendulum (requires the quest Trinket for the Tyrant)
Water Cluster (requires the quest Flotsam Finding)

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