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Mistbeard Cove (霧髭入江 [kirihage irie] or 'mistbeard cove' in Japanese) was a cave complex right off of Camp Bald Knoll in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. It's never said how it got its name, but there is a legendary pirate called Rycharde Mistbeard who is a likely candidate. The various parts of the cave complex would in that case be named and used by his and his crew, although there is no sign of any very recent activity in the caves.

The aetherial gate of the place was located in the very first room when entering from Bald Knoll, the only entrance aside from sea routes. While the Whale's Gape seems to have functioned as a docking area, there are no ships that put in in the cove, at least as far as we know. The Slophouse and the Gape are also marked with Sahagin flags here and there, raising suspicions as to the recent inhabitants of the place. There are also Serpent Reavers in the Plunder Hold and Arms Hold areas.
It bears noting that the area with the Slophouse and the Whale's Gape is closed off from the rest of the cove with a locked door. The only possibility so far to enter the area has been during the Lambs of Dalamud event, between patches 1.20 and 1.21. The NPC Milburh would appear in the area during the event, and functioned as a way to sign up for the event. The event taking place here seems to indicate the the Lambs used Mistbeard Cove as a gathering or sacrificial place at least temporary during this period.

Large parts of the Mistbeard Cove collapsed or became inaccessible in the Calamity. Some parts of it now belong to the Sastasha cave complex.




Bigmouth Orobon
Blind Eft
Floating Eye
Gall Gnat
Maiden Bug
Plain Pudding
Qiqirn Poacher
Rock Crab
Rotting Corpse
Screaming Kalong
Sea Hare
Smoke Bomb
Toxic Toad
Water Elemental
Wight Warrior
Wild Jackal
Yarzon Scavenger
Mistbeard Buccaneer
Serpent Reaver Claw
Serpent Reaver Fin
Serpent Reaver Eye

Sprinting Spriggan

Lambs of Dalamud
Lunatic Follower
Lunatic Priest

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