Mist (FF14)


Mist (ミスト・ヴィレッジ [mist village] in Japanese) is a new village in Widow Cliffs in the western half of the Gods' Grip. To its north is Cedarwood, and Mist can also conveniently be accessed through the aethernet in Limsa Lominsa.

Mist was established in the first year of the Seventh Astral Era as a site for adventurers to settle down, and it is in fact impossible for Lominsans themselves to buy land in Mist.


The maps above feature Mist itself, the three sizes of houses, the private chambers and company workshop rooms that can be attached to FC-owned houses, and the lobby and apartment of the Topmast. In the Mist map, the number indicates the plot's number, S/M/L indicates the size of the plot, and the color indicates the grade of the plot (how expensive it is). Grades go from blue to green, yellow, orange and to red, with blue being grade 1 (the most expensive).

The Admiral's Waterspire

The Admiral's Waterspire (メルウィブ水道橋 [merlwyb suidoukyou] or 'merlwyb water supply bridge' in Japanese) is a system of aqueducts that deliver water to the various residences in Mist.

Mistgate Square

Mistgate Square (ミストゲート・スクエア [mistgate square] in Japanese) is a square right at the entrance gates of Mist, and is located on the highest ground point in all of Mist. It has a splendid view of the entire village, and features some amenities as well.

Seagaze Markets

The Seagaze Markets (シーゲイズ商通り [seagaze shoudoori] or seagaze shopping street' in Japanese) is a street at the beachside of mist that is lined with various shops.


Topmast (トップマスト [topmast] in Japanese) is a newly built apartment building on the west side of Mist. The bottom floor features a lobby, and each subsequent floor has several apartments for adventurers, all equal in size.



Housing Merchant
Independent Sutler
Material Supplier
Resident Caretaker
Spoils Collector

Event NPCs
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Event Quests
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Fishing: Mist
Level: 30, Type: Saltwater
Harbor Herring
Indigo Herring
Ash Tuna
Bianaq Bream
Blue Octopus
Fullmoon Sardine

Category: Area

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