Miranos Mountains

Miranos Mountains (ミラノス山脈 [miranos sanmyaku] or 'miranos mountain range' in Japanese) is a mountain range on the southern half of the Floating Continent in Final Fantasy III. It spreads all the way from the edge of the inner sea by the Miralka Basin and the town of Tokkul in the north-west to the edge of the outer sea and the edge of the Floating Continent itself in the south-east. To its east lies the village of Tozus.
Miranos Mountains appear to be riddled with caves and tunnels of various kinds. There is a cave system known as the Vikings' Cove in the north that connects the north side of the mountains to the plateau in the middle, and another that connects the middle plateau to Tozus in the forests to the east. In addition, the summon Bahamut makes its lair in the inaccessible southern reaches of the mountains.



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