Mirage Tower

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The Mirage Tower (ミラージュの塔 [mirage no tou] or 'mirage tower' in Japanese) is a tall tower located in the Yahnikurm Desert (ヤーニクルム砂漠 [yahnikurm sabaku] or 'yahnikurm desert') in Final Fantasy I. In the present times it is largely cut off from the rest of the continent by the mountains surrounding the desert, although the towns of Lufenia and Gaia exist on the same continent, to the east and north respectively.

The tower was built by the ancient Lufane at the peak of their prosperity and connects to the Flying Fortress, another Lufane construction. It is unknown whether the desert existed at that time already or if it formed later on. When the Lufenian civilization fell 200 years ago due to the rise of the Chaos of Wind, the tower was abandoned and sealed, seemingly in haste as some robotic workers still remain in the tower, repairing it. In the present days the tower is overrun by monsters, although seems to be still functioning as an entryway to the Fortress, so at least some of its mechanisms are functional. To break the tower's seal and enter it a Chime is required.

During Final Fantasy I the tower was visited while in search of the Wind Crystal and the Chaos of Wind. The Warriors of Light visited Lufenia, received the Chime, and proceeded to head upwards through the tower to the highest level where they entered the Flying Fortress.
The Yahnikurm Desert and the Mirage Tower - or what's left of it - were also featured in Duodecim. As the game is set in a reality distortion and has long been the stage for a raging battle, not much of the tower remains, mostly just the tower's base peaking up from the sands.



Final Fantasy I

The below lists the contents of all treasure chests in the tower. Note that the rewards are from the PSP version of the game, they might vary slightly between versions.


800 gil
Healing Helm
3,400 gil
Vorpal Sword
18,010 gil
2,750 gil
Aegis Shield

Dragon Mail
10,000 gil
Sun Blade
7,600 gil
13,000 gil
12,350 gil
Thor's Hammer
7,900 gil
8,135 gil


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Final Fantasy I

Yahnikurm Desert
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Mirage Tower
Black Knight
King Mummy

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