Lunatic Pandora

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The name of the enormous enclosure Esthar built around the Crystal Pillar they excavated from the mountains close to the border with Trabia almost 20 years ago. It is 3 miles tall and 1,5 miles wide, and includes a high-tech facility for Doctor Odine.
The facility itself floats by causing a reaction with the Crystal Pillar, and is capable of causing a Lunar Cry when brought to the right point on the planet.

After the Sorceress War it was sunk right off the coast near Esthar City, but quite recently Seifer Almasy, under the directions of Sorceress Ultimecia, brought it back aboveground. He then directed it to Tear's Point, which caused a Lunar Cry to happen and Sorceress Adel to be freed.
It is unknown what happened to it after the Time Compression.



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