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Longroot (遠根台 [toonedai] or 'distant root platform' in Japanese) was an elevated forest and field area in version 1.x of Final Fantasy XIV. It's located south-east of Tranquil Paths and to the south of Silent Arbor in the southern Black Shroud.

In 2.x, there is no visible area called Longroot. The general area where Longroot used to be is now called Snakemolt instead, an area that in 1.x was found to the west of Longroot beyond Tranquil Paths. If Longroot wasn't retconned out entirely, it could now be either to the south-east of Snakemolt and east of Rootslake, or in Snakemolt's original place to the south-west of Tranquil Paths (west of 2.x Rootslake). However, the game offers no indication that Longroot ever existed, so all speculation remains just that.

As mentioned above, Longroot consisted of the elevated paths and fields above the forest floor. Bridges connected the various parts of it. It had no specific function, but did have an aetherial gate in a clearing around the middle parts of the area.



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