Limsa Lominsa

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Limsa Lominsa (リムサ・ロミンサ [limsa lominsa] in Japanese) is a city-state located on a bay called the Galadion Bay on the south-western shore of the island of Vylbrand, just north of the Gods' Grip. To its west spreads the expanse of the Indigo Deep and to the south the Rhotano Sea, and on the land side is the region of La Noscea. The city itself was built on the various isles and islets within the bay, and due to this lack of space has spread upwards rather than outwards. The isles and the tall buildings on them are connected by bridges at various heights, including the two main bridges that lead to mainland Vylbrand via the Zephyr and Tempest Gates. The network of bridges combined with the white stone used to build creates a kind of a latticework of the city when viewed from a distance, earning it its nickname the Navigator's Veil1.

The city itself consist of three main areas that we know of. The core of the city with direct access to the Zephyr Gate that gives out to Summerford to the east via the bridge Procession of Terns, is further divided into Upper and Lower Decks, depending on the height something is built at. Everything in the core radiates out from the Mizzenmast building, which according to the city's establishment myth is the gigantic main mast of the warship Galadion. On the western edge of the core are the main commercial docks, although there are many docks of various sizes throughout the city. Outside the core, there are the Southern Islands to the south, where the commonfolk of the city live, and which is connected to the Tempest Gate that gives out to Moraby Bay to the south of the city. On the north side of the city are the Northern Islands where the rich folk of the city gather, although it bears noting that as of version 2.0 the way to the Northern Isles was removed and there is no longer any mention of it in the game. What there is is a noted military presence on the north side.


The Limsa Lominsan flag depicts a black longboat on a field of crimson. The longboat represents the origins of the city and its people, as the ferocious Roegadyn pirates of the north seas. The crimson represents the ocean, red with the blood of fallen comrades.


The thalassocracy of Limsa Lominsa is ruled by the Admiral and an unknown number of councilors appointed by the Admiral. The Admiral is chosen by the competition known as the Trident that is held every seven years (or sooner should the previous Admiral become indisposed), and it appears to require a tight crew working together to win. Commonly, the 'crew' in question is a pirate crew, with the winning crew's captain becoming the next Admiral and its first mate becoming the Admiral's second in command. Once someone has won a Trident, they have almost unlimited power over the city-state, although the independent people and especially the pirate crews of the city can and will rise in mutiny if the new Admiral's policies don't please them. The current Admiral of Limsa Lominsa is Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, who first won the Trident in 1563 of the Sixth Astral Era in the 85th Trident ever held, and then again (presumably) in 15702, and the most recent time in the year 5 or 6 of the Seventh Umbral Era3.

The traditional main industries of Limsa Lominsa are fishing, ship-building, metalwork, and shipping by sea-faring vessels, the last of which brings the city most of its wealth. The city's shipwrights and blacksmiths have greatly benefited from the presence of the kobold beast tribe, who have dedicated their entire existence to working with metals and stones. Culinary arts are also held in high regard within the city-state, and its ale and wine breweries are widely known. Being a maritime city, fish and other products of the sea are a main staple in Lominsan diet.

In addition to the above, recent years have seen the renewal of the city-state's expansionist efforts into Vylbrand, allowing its farming efforts to build up into a main industry. Last but not the least, Limsa Lominsa has traditionally been a bustling pirate city, with loot from ships all over the world sold to reputable merchants and further delivered to customers. Pirating has been outlawed since 1565 however, and any true pirating left has been driven underground. In its stead, privateering has found its niche, with former pirate crews legally obtaining privateering permits from the Lominsan government and going after permitted targets, a category that consists almost entirely of Garlean ships.

The patron goddess of Limsa Lominsa is Llymlaen, although there is no presence of organized religion in the city. The beliefs of the populace are a collection of eclectic folk traditions, and although the believers pray to the appropriate gods as needed, only the most devote among them embark on pilgrimages to holy sites. All in all Lominsans are a practical and freedom-loving people who are not well tied down to anything more organized than a ship's crew, and have no patience for meddling governments or religions. From an outsider's point of view, this can lead to the city-state being seen as unruly or even dangerous or barbaric.

Being a sea-faring city-state, a wide variety of races make their home in the city. The population consists most notably of 40% Sea Wolf Roegadyn, 20% Plainsfolk Lalafell, 20% Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te, 10% Midlander Hyur and 10% others. The 'other' category includes everything from the occasional Elezen to beastmen like Qiqirn and Mamool Ja tribes, although the latter are commonly only mercenaries between jobs rather than proper residents. Historically, Limsa Lominsa has been a Roegadyn city, with the remaining tribes ending up in the city either due to making trade or being trade, as slavery in the past of the city isn't completely unknown. Nevertheless, due to the love of freedom and the eclecticism of the city's populace, the native Lominsans get by with a minimum amount of racial friction. Much of the city's racial problems come from travelers who enter the city and are offended by its free-wheeling ways.



Being a maritime city-state, it should come as no surprise that the majority of Lominsan military power comes from its navy. The traditional main force of the army was known as the Knights of the Barracuda, which was established in 904 Sixth Astral Era by Admiral Tragghyr. It consisted of the Lominsan Armada with its nine squadrons of naval units, and the Yellowjackets which made up the land forces of the army. The Knights of the Barracuda were led by a Commodore, the last of which was Reyner Hansred from his promotion in 1562 up until the Knights were re-distributed into the new military structure (see below). He gained the position from his mentor, the previous Commodore Sthalmann Sthalmannsyn.

The original structure held for some 600 years, but the approaching Seventh Umbral Era made it necessary to change things up. In 1572 Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn declared herself Chief Admiral of the Grand Company the Maelstrom, and her second in command Eynzahr Slafyrsyn as the Grand Storm Marshal. The Crimson Fleet was established as the new elite unit of the Lominsan navy, and it was under the direct command of the Maelstrom. In addition, the Privateer units of the army were established, pressing to service various non-military vessels for the purposes of the upcoming battles. The Black Sails consist of mainly ex-pirate vessels, the War Sails of refurbished armed traders, and the Trade Sails with mostly fishing vessels for munification purposes. In addition the privateers consist of the Foreign Levy, its only land force, consisting of adventurers and other hired hands. The last of these is led by High Storm Commander R'ashaht Rhiki.

After the Calamity, the Lominsan military was restructured and streamlined. Maelstrom became the de facto military of the state, and the Lominsan Armada was fused into the Crimson Fleet, now consisting of 5 squadrons total of naval units. The Privateers now function as auxiliary units to the main force of the Fleet. The Yellowjackets were preserved as a semi-autonomous force to keep the peace within the city-state, now fulfilling a rather more police-like duty than the mixture of policing and battling foreign threats it was tasked with before. The latter is now handled by the Maelstrom's land units. They are led by the once-Commodore of the Knights of the Barracuda, Reyner Hansred.

To read more about each branch of Lominsan military, please see the organizations' own pages.


The history of Limsa Lominsa starts in 875 of the Sixth Astral Era when the warship Galadion ran aground on the south-western shore of Vylbrand, having escaped Aerslaent due to political unrest the year before. The crew of the ship, far from being discouraged, decided that this place was to be their new home, and started building their city then and there. Eventually, would-be rescuers and traders found their way to them, and the city was officially there. It is known that as early as 879 there was at least one auxiliary settlement in western La Noscea, indicating rapid expansion into the nearby areas. The first Admiral, Elilwaen, passed away form decease in 902, having set up the foundation of the city-state.

What Admiral Elilwaen built, the second Admiral Tragghyr expanded on. He founded the Knights of the Barracuda and established a military presence on settled areas, most especially Camp Skull Valley. The city-state flourished, and in 963 Admiral Agatzahr Roehmerlsyn is appointed. He calmed down the flourishing pirate crews and established the Upright Thieves, also known as the Rogues' Guild, to uphold the codes of conduct within the city's underworld, and that along with his militaristic and diplomatic strategies brought peace and prosperity to Limsa Lominsa. In 992, he established the tradition of the Trident to choose the Admirals. His accomplishments make him one of the most influential Admirals in the history of the city-state.

The next hundred years weren't kind to Limsa Lominsa in contrast. Lominsan vessels started encountering more and more sahagin out in the seas, and by 1050 the first Serpent Reavers were made. Around the same time in 1062, Admiral Mealvaan established the customs house Mealvaan's Gate and the associated Arcanists' Guild.

The city continued to flourish and expand. Aleport was founded in 1104, and Wineport shortly after in 1122. However, Lominsans' continued expansion wrecked the peace with the kobolds that Admiral Roehmerlsyn had established, and in 1148 the Knights of the Barracuda launched an offensive on Oakwood and beyond, claiming the forests for the city's expanding shipbuilding efforts and establishing Camp Iron Lake on the lower slopes of Mt O'Ghomoro. Limsa Lominsa then entered the golden age of piracy. Plundered goods from all over the world traveled through the city, and in 1249 the first Pirate King Mistbeard was reported plundering from aboard his ship, the Haar, and would be reported to do so for generations, right up until the present days.

Due to the expanding arts of metallurgy and ship-building, the Blacksmiths' Guild is established in the city in 1429. An unknown time later, it would fuse with the Armorers' Guild and the collective two would become known as Naldiq & Vymelli's. Lominsan ship-building advanced fast, and in 1500 the adventuring crew of captain Ketenramm found the New World and returned to tell the tale. This brings a new age of exploration to the city-state.

Another piece of the puzzle of modern-day Limsa Lominsa fell into place when in 1525 Admiral Guolskyf Bhaldwaensyn established the Culinarians' Guild. From there, there are only a few things of note that happened in Limsa Lominsa. In 1556 Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn discovers a safer route to the New World, and establishes trade relations. The kobolds first summon their god Titan in 1562, and Merlwyb wins the Trident in 1563, becoming the Admiral. She subsequently hires the Company of Heroes to keep Titan and Leviathan in check. In 1572 she agrees to the re-establishment of the Eorzean Alliance, and sets up the Grand Company the Maelstrom.

List of Admirals

This section lists all the known Admirals of Limsa Lominsa and attempts to point out when they have ruled the city-state. A year in parenthesis indicates that no appointment or end date for the Admiral's rule could be determined, but that they were in power during the year mentioned. When a range of years (or number of Trident) can be determined by counting the years based on information given for other Admirals, it has been noted in the Notes section.

Years # Name Notes
875-902 1st Elilwaen Inauguration date is presumed, it is the founding year of Limsa Lominsa. Died of illness. Note that the name is a male Roegadyn name.
902-? 2nd Tragghyr Appointed
?-963 3rd? ? Appointed. Assassinated.
There may have been more unknown Admirals between 902 and 963, but none are mentioned. Considering the amount of time the first Admiral ruled, it would make sense for this assassination victim to be the 3rd Admiral, however.
963-993 4th? Agatzahr Roehmerlsyn Appointed. Established the Trident.
993-? 5th? ? Won the 1st Trident
(1062) ? Mealvaan At earliest, won the 10th Trident in 1056, at latest won the 13th Trident in 1061.
1474-? ? Geisswaen Won the 72nd Trident.
Note that offset is 16 years to the 7-year cycle that Tridents are held by default, counting from the 1st Trident held in 993.
(1525) ? Guolskyf Bhaldwaensyn Won the 79th Trident between 1520-1523.
? 77th N'bolata Tyata Must have won a Trident between 73rd-83rd, depending4.
The year of her Trident falls between 1481 and 1549, depending on the Trident and the offset at the time.
?-1563 ? ? Known to have been male. Unknown if his term ended at its natural end.
1563- ? Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn Won the 85th Trident.
Still in power and is either on the end of her second or the start of her third 7-year period, if Tridents have been held as regularly as they should.
Is the 79th-87th Admiral, depending5

Note 1: While the default cycle of Tridents is seven years, this can be cut short due to the Admiral dying or abdicating. It is known that between 993-1474 (between the 1st-72nd Tridents) there are a total of 16 years lost from the cycle this way. Likewise, between years 1474-1563 (between 72nd-85th Tridents), there are a total of 3 years lost this way. The time ranges given for some Tridents is due to this offset, it cannot be said for sure which Tridents within the time periods given were held earlier than the default seven years.
Note 2: It is known that there are 'multiple' Admirals that won the Trident more than once. 'Multiple' indicates more than 1, so the minimum is 2. The highest amount of such second-term Tridents the evidence allows for is 106, although the exact number of them is unknown.

Present Day

One of the foremost cities in all of Eorzea, Limsa Lominsa flourishes and is more itself than ever. Pirate crews may officially be outlawed as of several years ago, but they continue their business under privateering licenses, and the city is as diverse and as full of foreign trade as ever. Garlean presence on the seas and the skies as well as on the soil of Vylbrand itself continues to be a problem, although one largely ignored by many if favor of problems they can do something about.

Many Lominsan settlements on Vylbrand are still recovering from the effects of the Calamity, with western La Noscea having been particularly badly hit. Part of the land there has been claimed by the sahagin as a breeding ground, providing a new threat people have to constantly be aware of. However, some other areas, such as central La Noscea, have greatly benefited from the Calamity as new rivers emerged from the ground and made fertile soil that had previously been largely unsuitable.


Above can be found the various sections of the city and the buildings in it, in both version 1.x and 2.0+ when available. Maps include (in order) the main city areas (in three pieces), the Briefing Room and the Command Room within the Mizzenmast, the Mizzenmast Inn, the Maelstrom Command from when it was still a separate building, as well as the Maelstrom Barracks.

Lower Decks

Lower Decks is formed by the lowest levels of Limsa Lominsa. Due to this, the buildings here are also the oldest found in the city7, as expansion has happened upwards rather than outwards. The first constructs were the main towers (including Mizzenmast) and the bridges connecting them.


Bulwark Hall / Chocobo Stables
The Bulwark Hall (ブルワークホール [bulwark hall] in Japanese) is the lowest floor of the Mizzenmast, and is where any entrants from the Zephyr Gate are guided to. Being the main gate of Limsa Lominsa, Bulwark Hall forms an important defensive point to funnel any invaders to a tight space. It is also a convenient place where the chocobo stables (チョコボ留 [chocobo-dame]) is located. The Bulwark Hall also features access to several modern lifts - the Crow's Lift that leads up to the Drowning Wench and the Airship Landing, and the heavily guarded second lift that leads to administrative quarters in the Bridge.

The Octant / Aetheryte Plaza
The Octagon (八分儀広場 [hachibungi hiroba] or 'octant square' in Japanese) is a square originally built to honor Jovanni Gnonno, the inventor of the octant. It used to have a tall eight-pointed monument in the center called the Octagon, but post-Calamity the monument was replaced with the new Aetheryte. Both pre- and post-Calamity, the Octant is a popular meeting place in the center of the city, conveniently near shopping opportunities. Note that before the Calamity, the city's Aetheryte Plaza (エーテライト・プラザ [aetheryte plaza]) was located in what is now Aftcastle.

East Hawkers' Alley / West Hawkers' Alley / Hawkers' Round
The Hawkers' Alley (国際街商通り [kokusai gaishoudoori] or 'international street vendor street' in Japanese) is one of the main 'streets' of Limsa Lominsa, and divided into East and West portions, situated on separate small islands. In the middle is the Hawkers' Round (国際街広場 [kokusaigai hiroba] or 'international shopping square'). The alleys are lined with booths representing guilds from all around Eorzea, with goods varying just as much as their origin.

Mealvaan's Gate
Mealvaan's Gate (メルヴァン税関公社 [mealvaan zeikan kousha] 'mealvaan customs corporation' in Japanese) doubles as both the customs house that all in-bound marine traffic must go through and the base of operations of the Arcanists' Guild. It was established in 1525 by Admiral Mealvaan. The current head of the Guild is Guildmaster K'rhid Tia, although as he's often away the de facto leader is Thubyrgeim Guldweitzwyn.


Ferry Docks / Barracuda Piers
The Ferry Docks (フェリードック [ferry dock] in Japanese) are where most commercial naval traffic ends up at when coming to Limsa Lominsa. They are conveniently located right next to Mealvaan's Gate where the customs are handled. To the north-east of the commercial docks are the Barracuda Piers (バラクーダ埠頭 [barracuda futou] or 'barracuda pier') which are solely for the use of the Crimson Fleet - the main fleet of the military ever since the Knights of the Barracuda were melded into the Maelstrom. Entrance has been prohibited to civilians ever since the Calamity.

Fisherman's Bottom
The Fisherman's Bottom (網倉 [amikura] or 'netting warehouse' in Japanese) is home to many fishermen's guilds, the biggest of which is known as Wawalago's Pullers and is led by Wawalago Momolago. The guild does not concern itself strictly with fishing, but in the selling and buying of fishes and fishing equipment, the raising of fish, and the maintenance of local lighthouses.


The Astalicia (アスタリシア号 [astalicia-gou] in Japanese) is a ship anchored permanently to one of the docks in Limsa Lominsa. It is registered as a trade vessel, but is in fact a pirate ship belonging to Captain Hyllfyr Faezmoensyn of the Bloody Executioners. Before the Calamity, it functioned as a Marauders' Guild led by pirates, but that function was removed when the Guild was forcibly fused with the Yellowjackets and legitimized. Likewise before the Calamity, it used to house a popular pirate tavern aboard, but this form of trade was forced out of their hands as well.

The Dutiful Sisters of Edelweiss
The Dutiful Sisters of Edelweiss (エーデルワイス商会 [edelweiss shoukai] or 'edelweiss company' in Japanese) is a convent on paper, but is in fact home to the Rogues' Guild, led by Jacke Swallow. He is the one who made the decision to establish the guild after the Upright Thieves met its end due to policy changes.


Fishing Dock
Before the Calamity, there were nameless fishing docks out towards the sea from the Galadion Bay, to provide better ocean-fishing capabilities close by to the fishers of the city. It is unknown if they still exist post-Calamity, and in version 1.x they were only ever accessed during one quest.


Pharos Polaris
The Pharos Polaris is a huge lighthouse right at the edges of Limsa Lominsa. As opposed to traditional flames, an eerie blue light shines from the top of the lighthouse. Aside from the candlekeepers from Naldiq & Vymelli's who tend to the flames, none know what makes them of that color, and it is rumored to be powered by a voidsent bomb.
The light of the Pharos is visible from very far away, it being one of the first discernible things one can see of Vylbrand when arriving by ferry to Limsa Lominsa from the mainland.


Procession of Terns / Zephyr Gate
The Zephyr Gate (ゼファー陸門 [zephyr rikumon] or 'land gate zephyr' in Japanese) is the main gate of Limsa Lominsa, and connects the city to Summerford in middle La Noscea. The gate itself is connected to the city via a bridge known as Procession of Terns.

Upper Decks

The Upper Decks is formed by the main upper-level spaces around the Mizzenmast and its surrounding towers. As usual for Limsa Lominsa, the ground and platforms are joined with bridges.


Drowning Wench / Mizzenmast Inn
The middle floor of the Mizzenmast is a grand space taken up with the Adventurers' Guild, the Drowning Wench and the Mizzenmast Inn. The Drowning Wench (溺れた海豚亭 [oboreta iruka tei] or 'drowned dolphin tavern' in Japanese) is a tavern owned by Baderon. Most of its clientele were sailors and pirates until Baderon permitted the Adventurers' Guild set up shop, after which it has become a focal point for adventurers. In the same space functions the Mizzenmast Inn (宿屋「ミズンマスト」 [yadoya mizzenmast] or 'mizzenmast inn'), a comfy inn frequented by mostly adventurers and merchants.

Seventh Sage
Seventh Sage (薬舗「セブンスセージ」 [yakuho seventh sage] or 'seventh sage pharmacy' in Japanese) sells all manner of plant products, from herbs and spices to locally grown vegetables. Since some time after the Calamity it has been an open secret that the Kraken's Arms use it to distribute some of their plundered goods.


Coral Tower
The Coral Tower (コーラルタワー [coral tower] in Japanese) was originally the headquarters of the Knights of the Barracuda as well as the training and testing grounds for their newest recruits. With the dissolution of the Knights into other branches of the military, it is now shared as the base of operations for Yellowjackets, the Marauders' Guild and the Musketeers' Guild. The current leader of the Marauders' Guild is Axemaster Wyrnzoen Saelsmyndsyn.


The Bismarck (レストラン「ビスマルク」 [restaurant bismarck] in Japanese) is known as the most famous restaurant in all of Eorzea8, and is named after the legendary whale. The associated Culinarians' Guild provides a steady supply of the best chefs in the realm for the restaurant. Note that there is some confusion over the name of the Guildmaster and head chef of Bismarck. His name in 1.x materials is given as Lyngsath Doesfalksyn, but his name in 2.0+ materials is given as Lyngsath Hyllbornsyn.

Maelstrom Command
The Maelstrom Command (黒渦団:軍令部 [kokkadan: gunreibu] or 'black swirl group: military headquarters' in Japanese) is located just off the Aftcastle and is strategically close to the Mizzenmast. The Command was relocated there just after the Calamity, originally they were located in the Southern Isles.

The Aftcastle
The Aftcastle (アフトカースル [aftcastle] in Japanese) is a public square located on the southern edge of the core of the city. Its location at the back of the Mizzenmast gives it its name. Before the Calamity, there wasn't much of a square as much of the space was taken by the enclosed Aetheryte Plaza.

The Missing Member
The Missing Member (永遠の乙女亭 [eien no otome tei] or 'eternal maiden restaurant' in Japanese) is a tavern established by the crew of the Sanguine Sirens. Its clients were originally all Sirens themselves, but after the quality of the Member's food and drink started to be more widely known, both adventurers and common city-folk have been more and more attracted to the establishment. It bears noting that it isn't known when the Member was established. It wasn't present in version 1.x, but that may or may not mean anything.

The Hyaline
The Hyaline (魚商「ハイアライン」 [gyoshou hyaline] or 'fish shop hyaline' in Japanese) is a shop that quite simply sells fresh fish. It gained its name from the colorful display of aquariums it uses to store the live merchandise.

Thundersquall's Thundersticks
Thundersquall's Thundersticks is an arms and armor shop that used to exist in version 1.x between the Hyaline and Naldiq & Vymelli's. Its place is now taken up by Naldiq & Vymelli's itself since the guild was moved closer to the other establishments in the core city for version 2.0+. This is a pure retcon.

Naldiq & Vymelli's
Naldiq & Vymelli's (ナルディク&ヴィメリー社 [naldiq & vymelli sha] or 'naldiq & vymelli company' in Japanese) is a smithing company established originally by cannonwright Theor Naldiq and shipwright Bryce Vymelli to make ships, although in the years since it has expanded to also offer other kinds of smithing and armorsmithing products. It is also home to the local Blacksmiths' and Armorers' Guilds. The first is led by Forgemaster H'naanza Esi and the second by Forgemaster Brithael Spade. Collectively, the two guilds are led currently by H'naanza.


Anchor Yard
The Anchor Yard is an out-of-the-way public square with a statue of a seagull. It looks above parts of the city traditionally used as pirate docks, although some 200 years ago a storm rendered the area unsuitable for large vessels.

The Bridge

The Bridge forms the administrative heart of the city-state, and is physically located on the highest levels of the Mizzenmast.

Briefing Room
A room for large gatherings of people to be addressed by a single individual from on high. This place was visited for the speech held by Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn in version 1.x, and may also be the place for her speech in version 2.0+.

Command Room
The office of the Admiral, where she also entertains high-level guests.


Airship Landing
Probably technically not located on the Bridge, but listed here for clarity's sake. The Airship Landing (リムサ・ロミンサ・ランディング [limsa lominsa landing] in Japanese) is located on the highest levels of the Mizzenmast, and is only accessible via the Crow's Lift.

Southern Islands

The Southern Islands are a chain of multiple small isles and reefs on the southern side of Limsa Lominsa, south of the Aftcastle. Some areas in the Southern Islands could be accessed in version 1.x (such as the original Maelstrom Command that was later moved to Upper Decks), although this was only through talking with an NPC and they couldn't be walked freely. Most of Southern Islands is taken up by the Market Wards and commoners' homes.

Market Wards
A number of grand halls in the Southern Islands, crammed together as tightly as possible to save space on the small islets. Would-be vendors could either rent a stall or simply set up shop on the floor whereever they could find open space. There is also a separate hall for merchants representing large chains, but most of the merchants at the Wards are independents and/or retainers. Note that the Market Wards were only physically accessible in version 1.x, although the presence of the Market Boards indicates that they are still there lore-wise.

Original Market Ward Names
East Frippers Ward, Middle Frippers Ward, West Frippers Ward
Upper Keeners Ward, Middle Keeners Ward, Lower Keeners Ward
North Chandlers Ward, Central Chandlers Ward, South Chandlers Ward
East Gravers Ward, Central Gravers Ward, West Gravers Ward
North Tinners Ward, Central Tinners Ward, South Tinners Ward
Upper Seadogs Ward, Lower Seadogs Ward
New Pelicans Ward, Central Pelicans Ward, Old Pelicans Ward

Tempest Gate
The Tempest Gate (テンペスト陸門 [tempest rikumon] or 'land gate tempest' in Japanese) is the south-eastern gate to Limsa Lominsa. It leads to the commercial heart of the city through the Southern Islands, which are a merry mix of commercial and living areas. It is unknown if it's meant to have been in place before the Calamity, as there is no mention of it and the gate wasn't in the game in version 1.x.

Northern Islands

Northern Islands is (or was) a collection of small isles and reefs on the northern side of Limsa Lominsa, north of Seventh Sage and north-east of the Coral Tower, and was mentioned to be a resident area for the city's wealthy. However, it is unclear if the Northern Islands is meant to still be in canon, as its entrance point was replaced with the Coral Tower that was moved south-east from its original location north of the Bismarck in version 1.x. All the small isles of the northern side of the city are now beyond the Coral Tower.



Lower Decks
Bulwark Hall (2.0+) Bulwark Hall (1.x)
Coming soon Zanthael (Yellowjacket)
Isleen (chocobos)
Aetheryte Plaza (2.0+) The Octant (1.x)
Coming soon Syntberk (Yellowjacket)
East Hawkers' Alley (2.0+) East Hawkers' Alley (1.x)
Coming soon Zuzudesu (merchant)
Kikimo (merchant)
S'gnayak (merchant)
Eosilie (merchant)
Arnald (merchant)
Ansgor (parley)
West Hawkers' Alley (2.0+) West Hawkers' Alley (1.x)
Coming soon Fousquenet (merchant)
Teteu (merchant)
Nystbyrm (merchant)
Tiphina (merchant)
Sysley (merchant)
P'ndolobo (merchant)
Momoroon (merchant)
Braitognieux (repairs)
Mealvaan's Gate (2.0+) Mealvaan's Gate (1.x)
Coming soon Haldberk (customs official)
P'tahja (customs official)
Angry River
Delado Madalado
Kehda Mujuuk
Rubh Epocan
Positively Pungent Pirate
Glowing Goodwife
Ferry Docks (2.0+) Ferry Docks (1.x)
Coming soon Ahldskyf
Drowsy-eyed Adventurer
Muscle-bound Deckhand
Pasty-faced Adventurer
Pearly-toothed Porter
Fisherman's Bottom (2.0+) Fisherman's Bottom (1.x)
Coming soon N'nmulika (guild counter)
Faucillien (merchant)
Louviaune (merchant)
Angry River
Daca Jinjahl
Astalicia (2.0+) Astalicia (1.x)
Coming soon Waekbyrt (guild counter)
S'raemba (merchant)
Ighii Moui
Wyra Khamazom
The Dutiful Sisters of Edelweiss (2.0+) Barracuda Piers (1.x)
Coming soon -
Other Areas (2.0+) Other Areas (1.x)
Coming soon Arnegis
Sure-voiced Barracuda Knight
Unconscious Adventurer
Upper Decks
Mizzenmast building (2.0+) Mizzenmast building (1.x)
Coming soon Baderon
Ursulie (retainer advocate)
Mytesyn (inn)
A'shakkal (linkshells)
Piralnaut (regional leves)
T'mokkri (local leves)
Tylswaen (merchant)
Waebahct (merchant)
Sweetnix Rosycheeks
Coral Tower (2.0+) Coral Tower (1.x)
Coming soon Arthurioux
Fuzak Anzak
Nheu Jawantal
Tefh Moshroca
The Bismarck (2.0+) The Bismarck (1.x)
Coming soon Charlys (guild tasks)
Noline (guild marks)
Jossy (merchant)
Enraptured Traveler
Fickle Beggar
Overweening Woman
Pissed Pirate
Satiated Shopkeep
Suspicious-looking Traveler
Tittering Traveler
Maelstrom Command (2.0+) Maelstrom Command (1.x)
Coming soon Storm Lieutenant Orn Guincum (promotions)
Storm Sergeant Grizzly Gnat (seal exchange)
Storm Lieutenant P'nazqha Taqa (supply and provisioning)
Storm Lieutenant Fraelak Bharbennsyn (q&a)
Storm Private Rhof (achievements)
Storm Private Klinmoersyn (Sanction)
The Aftcastle (2.0+) Aetheryte Plaza (1.x)
Coming soon Eugennoix
Naldiq & Vymelli's (2.0+) Naldiq & Vymelli's (1.x)
Coming soon Bodenolf (guild tasks)
Qhas Chalahko (merchant)
Smydhaemr (merchant)
Notrelchamps (merchant)
Joellaut (merchant)
Airship Landing (2.0+) Airship Landing (1.x)
Coming soon Aenore
Ajin Zukajin
Other Areas (2.0+) Other Areas (1.x)
Coming soon Holasfhis (merchant)
Z'ranmaia (merchant)
Kerrich (merchant)
Lefleda (merchant)
M'septha (Yellowjacket)
Roosting Crow (Yellowjacket)
Thata Khamazom (Yellowjacket)
Bango Zango
Dympna Tinstyll
Southern Islands
Market Wards (2.0+) Market Wards (1.x)
- Gurumi Borlumi
Rhoe Jakkya
Kemicha Potomicha
Quest NPCs
2.0+ 1.x
Coming soon Carvallain de Gorgagne
Eynzahr Slafyrsyn
H'naanza Esi
Lyngsath Doesfalksyn
Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn
Mimidoa Nanadoa
R'ashaht Rhiki
Reyner Hansred
Sthalmann Sthalmannsyn
Wawalago Momolago
Y'shtola Rhul
Event NPCs
2.0+ 1.x
Coming soon Loloju (Valentione's)
Rhela Nbolo
Bijiji (Little Ladies)
Fhlae (Hatching-tide)
Skyward Spriggan
Soulward Spriggan
Momozigo (Firefall/Moonfire)
Nolmo Lilmo (Hunter's Moon)
Allond (Foundation Day)
Alfgar (Imperials attack)
Ziuz Amariyo
Petyr Winsome (reporters)
Addison (Lambs of Dalamud)



Coming soon

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