Limestone Quarry


Limestone Quarry is an area beneath Leá Monde in Vagrant Story. As other underground locations accessed from close by (in some cases right next to) the Quarry entrances make no sense to be very far below, the Limestone Quarry must be far below the ground indeed. It may be one of the deepest points below Leá Monde in places.

The Quarry has access to the Undercity West and to the Temple of Kiltia.


Dark Abhors Light
Dream of the Holy Land
The Ore Road
+save point
The Air Stirs
Bonds of Friendship
Bacchus is Cheap
Screams of the Wounded
+trap room, kill the two Dullahans to advance
The Ore-Bearers
The Dreamer's Climb
+to continue forward, first jump to the island in the middle. Pick up the southernmost blue magnetic box and place it on top of the other one, climb up and advance.
Sinner's Sustenance
The Timely Dew of Sleep
The Auction Block
+save point
The Laborer's Bonfire
+to reach the chest room, pile up the two blue magnetic boxes in the southwestern corner of where you're standing. Climb up and jump to the closest platform. There are boxes piled up, break 3 of them and climb up. Head onwards.
+to advance, break one of the piled up boxes on the eastern edge. Climb up the pile and jump to the highest ledge you see. Continue onwards.
Stone and Sulfurous Fire
Torture Without End
Way Down
+save point
Excavated Hollow
Parting Regrets
Corridor of Tales
Dust Shall Eat the Days
+to continue, jump to the Cloudstone. When it's almost at its peak, jump off.
Hall of the Wage-Paying
Tunnel of the Heartless
+to advance, first push the lower frictionless block northward, then push the upper frictionless block southward. It should be on top of the other block now. Next push the westernmost numbered rolling stone east, the other numbered rolling stone south twice. It should drop down past the first stone. Next step is to push the push box east, north and then five east. Go stand on top the pile of frictionless blocks, and push the crate north three times and then west. It should be in the gap now. Directly south of the push crate, cast Invigorate, and do a running jump to the ledge on the other side.
+alternately, to advance use a Faerie Wing, cast Invigorate and jump to the ledge on the other side.

Ants Prepare for Winter
Where the Serpent Hunts
Drowned in Fleeting Joy



Bonds of Friendship
Matador (Schiavona (Hagane), Counter Guard)
Cranequin (Iron)
Side Ring
Brigandine (Hagane)
Rondanche (Hagane)
Snowfly Draught x5
Grimoire Benir

Stone and Sulfurous Fire
White Lady (Morning Star (Hagane), Runkasyle)
Balbriggan (Bronze)
Power Palm
Kite Shield (Hagane, Silent Queen)
Talos Feldspar
Acolyte's Nostrum x3
Grimoire Egout

Excavated Hollow
Angel Face (Balbriggan (Hagane), Heavy Grip)
Casserole Shield (Hagane)
Missaglia (Iron)
Beaded Anklet
Elixir of Queens
Grimoire Flamme

Drowned in Fleeting Joy
Falarica Bolt
Plate Glove (Hagane)
Elixir of Mages
Mana Potion x5


Air Elemental
Dark Elemental
Earth Elemental
Water Elemental
Boss: Water Elemental
Boss: Ogre Lord
Boss: Snow Dragon

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