The kingdom of Leine (リーン [lein] in Japanese) is located on the same continent as Lux in Dimensions. The two were neighboring countries before Leine was conquered by Avalon. There is no love for the imperials in Leine, but they warmly welcome all travelers.

Leine is a very mountainous region with only the coasts and some valleys clear. The town is located on the eastern coast, and accessing the Castle Leine from there requires traveling through Mt Leine. To the west and north of the Castle lies a chocobo forest with yellow and black chocobos.


Town Leine

Leine is a small-ish coast town in two elevations, and harbors a bar, an inn, and shops for weapons, armor, sundries and magic.

Castle Leine

Castle Leine is a somewhat expansive complex of various living quarters and has a dungeon system built below it. The statues feature various gargoyles.

Mt Leine

Mt Leine is part of a mountain range that extends towards the sea directly east of Castle Leine. Passage through it is mandatory for anyone wanting to travel between the castle and the town. See more about Mt Leine on its own page.



Note that while below, the shops have been identified by their type only, all these shops aside from the inn are available in both Town Leine and Castle Leine from a soldier in a secluded room.


? gil (first time free)

Item Shop
Potion - 30 gil
Ether - 1,500 gil
Maiden's Kiss - 60 gil
Antidote - 40 gil
Eye Drops - 30 gil
Echo Herbs - 50 gil
Sacred Candle - 100 gil
Gold Needle - 400 gil
Phoenix Down - 200 gil
Tent - 200 gil

Armor Shop
Bronze Shield - 240 gil
Bronze Helm - 300 gil
Feathered Hat - 200 gil
Pointy Hat - 250 gil
Bronze Armor - 400 gil
Bronze Hauberk - 350 gil
Silk Robe - 370 gil
Leather Shoes - 60 gil

Weapon Shop
Dagger - 280 gil
Broadsword - 250 gil
Iron Sword - 450 gil
Staff - 100 gil
Oak Staff - 330 gil
Rod - 80 gil
Metal Rod - 350 gil
Spear - 480 gil
Metal Claws - 380 gil
Iron Bow - 350 gil
Whip - 330 gil

Magic Shop (level 2)
Slow - 300 gil
Silence - 300 gil
Mini - 300 gil
Poison - 300 gil
Sleep - 300 gil
Toad - 300 gil


Town Leine
Gold Needle
10 gil

Castle Leine 1F Front
Bard's Tunic

Castle Leine 1F Back
Phoenix Down
Main Gauche

Castle Leine 2F Front

Castle Leine 2F Back
Iron Armor
Iron Helm

Castle Leine 3F

Castle Leine B1F


Around Leine
Grass Tortoise
Killer Mantis
Mangy Hound
To be continued

Castle Leine
Mangy Hound
Wild Rat
Yellow Jelly
Roaming: General
Roaming: Phalanx
Roaming: Soldier
Boss: Soldier x3
Boss: Hell Guard
Boss: Butch

Category: Area

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