Leá Monde Wine Cellar


The Wine Cellar is an area in Vagrant Story. It is the first area within the city of Leá Monde you get access to, and the farthest point you can backtrack to from any later point in the game. The cellars are located far below Leá Monde, with one entrance on the west bank across the river from the city, and one end connecting to the Catacombs.


The room names in order of appearance.

Entrance to Darkness
Worker's Breakroom
Hall of Struggle
+heal trap in the east, pile up boxes to reach the next room
Smokebarrel Stair
Wine Guild Hall
+miniboss, take Cloudstone to the next room
Wine Magnate's Chambers
+gust trap in the north-east
Fine Vintage Vault
Chamber of Fear
The Reckoning Room
A Laborer's Thirst
+pile up boxes and climb up them to reach the next room
The Rich Drown in Wine
+destroy one box, pile up another one and climb up it to reach the next room
Room of Rotten Grapes
+destroy one box, pile up another one and climb up it to reach the next room
Blackmarket of Wines
The Gallows
Room of Cheap Red Wine
Room of Cheap White Wine
Greedy One's Den
The Hero's Winehall



Worker's Breakroom
Tovarisch (Hand Axe (Bronze), Wooden Grip)
Buckler (Wood)
Leather Glove (Leather)
Vera Bulb x5
Cure Bulb x5

The Reckoning Room
Seventh Heaven (Gastraph Bow (Bronze), Simple Bolt)
Reinforced Glove (Leather)
Vera Root x3
Cure Root x3

Blackmarket of Wines
Cure Potion
Cure Bulb x5

The Gallows
Pelta Shield (Wood)
Vera Bulb x3
Yggdrasil's Tears x15

The Hero's Winehall
Rusty Nail (Spear (Bronze), Spiculum Pole)
Cure Bulb x3

The Gallows (Chest Key)
Circle Shield (Damascus, Titan Malachite)
Cure Potion x3
Vera Potion


Silver Wolf
Zombie Fighter
Miniboss: Goodwin & Sackheim
Miniboss: Mandel
Boss: Minotaur
Boss: Dullahan
Boss: Minotaur Zombie

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