Leá Monde Undercity


While the city of Leá Monde in Vagrant Story was originally naturally built aboveground, over the years the city spread, and due to its great mining operations part of this spread was belowground. The belowground city came to be called the Undercity.

The Undercity in the game is divided into western and eastern parts, of which western is by far the larger one. It features entrances to the town center (west and east), the Snowfly Forest and Limestone Quarry, the Abandoned Mines (B2) and the city walls (east). The east portion in turn is connected to the city walls (north) and eastern town center.


Undercity West

The Bread Peddlar's Way
Way of the Mother Lode
Sewer of Ravenous Rats
Underdark Fishmarket
The Sunless Way
+magic circle
Remembering Days of Yore
Where the Hunter Climbed

Fear of the Fall
Sinner's Corner
The Children's Hideout

Crumbling Market
Tears from Empty Sockets
Larder for a Lean Winter

Undercity East

Hall to a New World
Place of Free Words
Bazaar of the Bizarre
Noble Gold and Silk
Weapons Not Allowed
A Knight Sells his Sword
Gemsword Blackmarket
The Pirate's Son
Sale of the Sword

The Greengrocer's Stair
Where Black Waters Ran
+boss when second time through
Arms Against Invaders
Catspaw Blackmarket
+clear trap by north wall



The Children's Hideout
Sweet Death (Shamshir (Silver), Knuckle Guard)
Footman's Mace (Hagane)
Steel Bolt
Spiked Shield (White Queen)
Sallet (Hagane)
Undine Bracelet
Grimoire Dissiper

Weapons Not Allowed
Mojito (Falchion (Bronze), Counter Guard)
Stone Bullet
Titan's Ring
Grimoire Nuageux
Iron Key

Sale of the Sword
Grimoire Tardif
Stock Sigil

Larder for a Lean Winter
Balin's Revenge (Tabar (Hagane), Heavy Grip)
Vambrace (Hagane)
Elixir of Sages
Alchemist's Reagent x5
Clematis Sigil

Catspaw Blackmarket
Round Shield (Hagane, Dark Queen)
Grimoire Paralysie
Aster Sigil


Undercity West
Dark Eye
Dark Skeleton
Zombie Knight
Zombie Mage
Boss: Giant Crab
Boss: Dark Elemental

Undercity East
Boss: Harpy
Boss: Lich
Boss: Nightstalker
Boss: Tieger & Neesa

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