Leá Monde Town Center


The town center is literally what it says - the town center of Leá Monde. In the game it's divided into three accessible parts, those of west, south and east. They roughly surround the Great Cathedral.

It being the town center, many and more locations are accessible from it. The western part has the Sanctum, as well as access to the Abandoned Mines (B1) and the city walls (west and south) as well as the Undercity.
Southern part, in turn, has access to the Keep, the city walls (east, south) and the Abandoned Mines B2. East has entrances to the Great Cathedral and the Temple of Kiltia, and joins with city walls north and the Undercity (east, west).


Town Center West

Rue Vermillion
The Rene Coastroad
+heal trap on a small outcrop
Magic Hammer [Workshop]
Rue Mal Fallde
Tircolas Flaw

Rue Bouquet
Glacialdra Kirk Ruins
Rue Sant D'alsa
Villeport Way
Dinas Walk

Town Center South

Forcas Rise
Valdiman Gates
Rue Aliano
The House Khazabas
Zebel Walk
Rue Valnac
Rue Faltes
Rue Morgue

Town Center East

Rue Lejour
+magic circle
Kesch Bridge
Rue Crimnade
Junction Point [Workshop]
Rue Fisserano
Metal Works [Workshop]
Shasras Hill Parks

Plateia Lumitar
Gharmes Walk
+Evil dummy
The House Gilgitte



Magic Hammer (off Rene Coastroad in Town Center West)
Junction Point (off Rue Crimnade in Town Center East)
+wood, leather, bronze, iron, hagane
Metal Works (off Rue Fisserano in Town Center East)
+silver, damascus


The House of Khazabas
Eye of Argon x10
Grimoire Muet

The House Gilgitte
Ribsplitter (Khukuri (Hagane), Power Palm)
Faerie Wing x5

Gharmes Walk (Chest Key)
Klondike (Falchion (Silver), Power Palm)
Round Shield (Silver)
Angel Pearl
Sorceror's Reagent


Town Center West
Crimson Blade
Boss: Duane, Bejart & Sarjik

Town Center South
Crimson Blade

Town Center East
Crimson Blade

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