Leá Monde Sanctum


Sanctum is a building within Leá Monde in Vagrant Story. It's located right off the western town center, and within its bowels connects to the catacombs.

The room names within the Sanctum indicate that it was once a living and learning area for monks.


Prisoner's Niche
+break the northernmost box, push the southern one south more so you end up with a row of three boxes. Place two boxes on top of two of them. Climb up, pick one up and place it on top of the remaining one. Climb up and continue onwards.
Corridor of the Clerics
Priests' Confinement
+heal trap on a table
Alchemists' Laboratory
The Academia Corridor
Theology Classroom
Shrine of the Martyrs
Hallowed Hope
Hall of Sacrilege
Advent Ground
Passage of the Refugees
+to unlock the way, destroy the push-box in the middle. Pick up the other box and place it by north wall, climb up. Use the Cloudstone to advance.
The Cleansing Chantry
Stairway to the Light



Alchemists' Laboratory
Bosom Cleaver (Langbedeve (Bronze), Sand Face)
Grimoire Halte


Poison Slime
Boss: Golem
Boss: Dragon

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