Leá Monde Keep


The Keep is a fortress-like building within the city of Leá Monde in Vagrant Story. It connects to both the city walls (south) and the town center (south), as well as the Forgotten Pathway and the Iron Maiden.


The Soldier's Bedding
A Storm of Arrows
Urge the Boy On
A Taste of the Spoils
Wiping Blood from Blades
The Warrior's Rest
+save point, boss
Keane's Crafts [Workshop]



Keane's Crafts (accessible from the Warrior's Rest)
Bronze, Iron, Hagane


The Warriors Rest (Chest Key)
Sweet Sorrow (Francisca (Iron), Gendarme)
Tower Shield (Iron, Death Queen)
Sallet (Hagane)
Sorceror's Reagent x3


Boss: Rosencrantz

Category: Area

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