Leá Monde Great Cathedral


The Great Cathedral of Leá Monde lies in the very center of the city. It was built hundreds of years ago by the Iocus Church to honor their god. The main entrance is in the eastern town center, right next to the entrance to the Temple of Kiltia.



Struggle for the Soul
Order and Chaos
+boss, activates Cloudstone in B1/Victor's Laurels
An Offering of Souls
+stairs up to L1/Sin and Punishment
Truth and Lies
Sanity and Madness
+boss, activates Cloudstone in L1/Into Holy Battle
The Victor's Laurels
+Cloudstone to L1/Cracked Pleasures

1st Floor

Into Holy Battle
+stairs down into the basement/Struggle for the Soul
Cracked Pleasures
+Cloudstone to L2/Free from Base Desire
Hieratic Recollections
The Flayed Confessional
+boss, activates Cloudstone in L1/Poisoned Chapel
+to get chest, smash box in the corner and push the other box two east

Where Darkness Spreads
+Cloudstone connects to L2/An Arrow into Darkness
+to access the chest, go to the pit in the west, and push the top box one west. Go stand on top of it, and push the original middle-of-the-pile box one east. Push the two easternmost boxes each one north, they should now be in line with the frictionless blocks. On the floor level (no longer in the pit), push the southernmost box one east. Go to the north-eastern frictionless block and push it south, west, south and west. It should now be in the pit. Push the northernmost box one south. Go to the south-eastern frictionless block west, south and west, it should also be in the pit now. Go the previous box in the north and push it one west. Go the other box in the south west three. Find the south-western frictionless block and push it north and west. Then push the north-western frictionless block south and west. Go back to the original northern box and push it south one and west five. As for the original southern box, push it north one and west five.
Monk's Leap
+stairs up to L2/Acolyte's Weakness
+kill monsters for Laurel Sigil

Sin and Punishment
+magic circle
The Poisoned Chapel
A Light in the Dark

2nd Floor

Free From Base Desire
+Cloudstones connect to L1/Cracked Pleasures and L3/Wine-Lecher's Fall
Abasement from Above
The Convent Room
The Hall of Broken Vows
Light and Dark Wage War
+to reach the lever, jump the ledges counter-clockwise around the room
An Arrow into Darkness
+to get the chest and advance, first push the northernmost frictionless block west and south. Go to the other frictionless block and push it west twice, south, east, south and west.
+Cloudstone connects to L1/Where Darkness Spreads
He Screams For Mercy
The Acolyte's Weakness
+stairs down to L1/Monk's Leap
Maelstrom of Malice
+kill the Lich Lord to unlock Cloudstone in L3/Heretic's Story (upper)
+kill the Dark Skeletons to unlock the room
The Melodics of Madness
+to advance, first push the lower frictionless block south and west, then go to the box and push it one east. For the other frictionless block, push it south three times, west, and one more south. Climb up.
What Ails You, Kills You
+Cloudstone connects to L3/Despair of the Fallen

3rd Floor

The Wine-Lecher's Fall
The Heretic's Story
+has two levels, the lower and upper ones
Hopes of the Idealist
Despair of the Fallen
Where the Soul Rots
+Cloudstone connects to L4/The Atrium

4th Floor

The Atrium
+magic circle
+stairs connect to the roof


The Paling
+final boss



The Flayed Confessional
Fluted Armor (Hagane)
Fluted Glove (Hagane)
Vera Potion x3
Saint's Nostrum

An Arrow Into Darkness
Fluted Leggings (Hagane)
Fluted Glove (Hagane)
Eye of Argon x5
Cure Potion

Where Darkness Spreads
Oval Shield (Hagane, Morlock Jet)
Burgonet (Hagane)
Mana Bulb x3
Elixir of Queens


Boss: Marid
Boss: Ifrit
Boss: Iron Crab

Zombie Knight
Boss: Djinn
Boss: Arch Dragon

Dark Skeleton
Lich Lord
Boss: Flame Dragon
Boss: Nightmare

Boss: Dao

Final Boss: Romeo Guildenstern

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