Leá Monde City Walls


The city walls surround Leá Monde on three sides. To the west is the west walls, to the south the south and east walls, and to the east the north walls.

From the west walls are accessible the town center (west) and the Abandoned Mines. From the south walls you can find the Snowfly Forest and the Keep, from the east walls the Snowfly Forest (east), the Undercity (west) and the town center (south). The last bit of the walls accessible is the north walls, from which both the eastern Undercity and the eastern town center can be reached.


Walls West

Students of Death
The Gabled Hall
Where the Master Fell

Walls South

The Weeping Boy
Swords for the Land
+timed room, kill lizardmen and the blood lizard
In Wait of the Foe
Where Weary Riders Rest
The Boy's Training Room

Walls East

Train and Grow Strong
The Squire's Gathering
The Invaders are Found
The Dream Weavers
The Cornered Savage

Walls North

Traces of Invasion Past
From Squire to Knight
Be for Battle Prepared
Destruction and Rebirth
+timed room, defeat the Dark Elemental to proceed
From Boy to Hero
A Welcome Invasion



City Walls West
Zombie Knight

City Walls South
Blood Lizard

City Walls East
Dark Skeleton
Zombie Mage

City Walls North
Blood Lizard
Dark Elemental

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