Leá Monde Catacombs


The Catacombs of Leá Monde are located far below the city in its western part. They connect the Wine Cellar outside the city to the lower levels of the Sanctum.


The room names in order of appearance.

Hall of Sworn Revenge
+heal trap west of magic circle
The Last Blessing
The Weeping Corridor
+freeze trap in the north
Persecution Hall
+destroy one box, carry the other to the door and climb up to reach the next room
Rodent-Ridden Chamber
+pile up the boxes and climb up to continue forward
Shrine to the Martyrs
+clear the boss in the next room to advance to the north
The Lamenting Mother
Hall of Dying Hope
+to head west, push one box next to the wall and place another on top
Bandits' Hideout
+to reach chest, push stone next to the wall, climb up, push the box next to the wall and climb up again
The Bloody Hallway
+pick up the northernmost box and place on top of the other two. Climb up and pick up the same box, place it higher. On the east side lowground push the stone northwards, back on higher ground push the stone there southwards and then east so it drops down on top of the other stone. Pick up the box on higher ground and put it on top of the stones. Climb up the pile and advance onwards.
Faith Overcame Fear
The Withered Spring
Work of Art
Repent, O ye Sinners
The Reaper's Victims
The Last Stab of Hope
Hallway of Heroes
The Beast's Domain



Work of Art


Rodent-ridden Chamber
Pink Squirrel (Goblin Club (Iron), Wooden Grip)
Cross Guard
Cuirass (Leather)
Long Boots (Leather)
Mana Root x3
Cure Bulb x3

The Lamenting Mother
Shandy Gaff (Broadsword (Bronze), Swept Hilt)
Knuckles (Bronze)
Elixir of Queens

Bandits' Hideout
Soul Kiss (Scramasax (Silver), Swept Hilt)
Targe (Bronze)
Knuckles (Bronze)
Bear Mask (Leather)
Spirit Orison x3
Eye of Argon x3


Zombie Knight
Boss: Ghost
Boss: Lizardman x2

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