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Leá Monde (レアモンデ [lea monde] in Japanese) is a city in Vagrant Story. Not much of the world in Vagrant Story is known, all that can be said of its location is that Léa Monde lies 31 miles south of the Graylands. In the current day, the city has lain in ruin for 25 years, devastated by an earthquake brought on by Dark powers.



The city was founded some 2,000 years in the past, in the Kiltian age, by the priestess Müllenkamp. The Müllenkamp Cult was also of her doing, and must have had considerable power in the city.

During its most prosperous period, Leá Monde was known for its wines, finest in all of Valendia, and its resplendant architecture. It attracted people from afar, including people of learning - monks of the Iocus sect - who held up the culture of Leá Monde and spurned it on to new heights. Much of the expansion of the city belowground was due to these monks, and theirs was the wine as well, and most of all the Great Cathedral was built to honor their god. In this period, over 5,000 people lived within its walls.

The splendor of the city was lost 25 years ago. Spirits of the elements were summoned within the city, and they in turn brought earthquakes and other natural disasters. Along with the rampaging nature, the ever-hungry Dark was released within the city, and it consumed everyone it came in contact with. Within a single night, Leá Monde was no more.
While it wasn't generally known what caused the earthquake, people came to say that it was due to the dark powers used to found the city and that had taken root within it.



Leá Monde is the main location where the game happens, and as such it has very many sub-locations within it. The rough area map to the side shows the general location of the aboveground areas in relation to the other aboveground areas. If you wish to determine the exact location of belowground areas, use the area maps you can find in the area's own page.

Location List


Note that you should see under the specific location pages for information such as monsters and treasures.


Workshops are the only type of 'shop' in the game, and allow you to combine your equipment materials into actual equipment, as well as make new ones. Each workshop is equipped to work with certain types of materials. Mastering the use of workshops forms the basis of the game's equipment system. Below they have been listed in the general order you can access them in the game.

Workshop Location Materials
Work of Art Catacombs / Withered Spring Wood, Leather, Bronze
The Magic Hammer Town Center West / Rene Coast Road Bronze, Iron
Keane's Crafts The Keep / The Warrior's Rest Bronze, Iron, Hagane
Junction Point Town Center East / Rue Crimnade (requires Cattleya Sigil) Wood, Leather, Bronze, Iron, Hagane
Metal Works Town Center East / Rue Fisserano Silver, Damascus
Godhands Undercity West / Bite the Master's Wounds (requires NG+) Wood, Leather, Bronze, Hagane, Silver, Damascus

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