Lavender Beds


Lavender Beds (ラベンダーベッド [lavender bed] in Japanese) is a new settlement in the Black Shroud in Final Fantasy XIV. It's located on the north-eastern shore of the Mirror, in the area of Five Hangs - although Five Hangs itself is inaccessible as of version 2.0. The city of Gridania is nearby to the north, and can be accessed both via ferry and through the aethernet.

Lavender Beds was settled in the first year of the Seventh Astral Era. It was declared an area reserved for adventurers to set down roots in Gridania, and plots are not for sale for Gridanian citizens.


The maps above include Lavender Beds itself, the three sizes of houses available, the two additional rooms available within FC houses, and the Lily Hills lobby and apartment. On the Lavender Beds map, the number indicate's the plot's number, S/M/L reveals the plot's size, and the color tells the plot's grade (how expensive it is). Grades go from blue to green, yellow, orange and to red, with blue being grade 1 (the most expensive).

Amethyst Shallows

Amethyst Shallows (紫水桟橋 [shisui sanbashi] or 'purple water pier' in Japanese) is the main docks area of Lavender Beds. From here, ferries transport residents north to Gridania as well as south-west to Bentbranch, on the other side of the Mirror.

Autumn's Sentinels

The Autumn's Sentinels (鎮守の石門 [chinju no sekimon] or 'stone gate of the local gods' in Japanese) is a collection of stone boulders set in the shape of a gate. The Japanese name indicates that they're thought to be the dwelling or the property of entities (likely elementals), but nothing further is known about the place.

Dappled Stalls

Dappled Stalls (樹冠商店街 [jukan shoutengai] or 'tree canopy shopping district' in Japanese) is the main shopping district in Lavender Beds. It's located at the root of Senna's Pride, and aside from the shopping stalls themselves features some extensive lavender beds.

Lily Hills

Lily Hills (リリーヒルズ [lily hills] in Japanese) is a newly built apartment complex on the east side of Lavender Beds, across the river from the main settlement. There is a lobby on the ground floor, and each subsequent floor features apartments for adventurers.

Senna's Pride

Senna's Pride (センナの大樹 [senna no taiju] or 'great tree of senna' in Japanese) is a great tree (likely heavenspillar) that grows at the northern end of Lavender Beds. It bears the name of Senna, the family that has provided the most padjal in Gridanian history. The reason for the name is unknown, as is which member of the Senna family the name is meant to reference.

Wildflower Stalls

Wildflower Stalls (若草商店街 [wakakusa shoutengai] or 'young grass shopping district' in Japanese) is a shopping area around the middle point of Lavender Beds, on the west side of the river that runs through the village. It features somewhat fewer amenities than Dappled Stalls to the north.


Yaina-Par (ヤイヌ・パーの円庭 [yaina-par no entei] or 'round yard of yaina-par' in Japanese) is a roughly round public garden area in the southern portions of Lavender Beds, right next to the water. The name is likely in the padjali tongue, but it's unknown what it means.



Regular NPCs
Ferry Skipper
Housing Merchant
Independent Sutler
Material Supplier
Resident Caretaker
Serpent Private
Spoils Collector

Event NPCs
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Event Quests
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Fishing: Lavender Beds
Level: 30, Type: Freshwater
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Dark Sleeper
Monke Onke
Shadow Catfish
Spotted Pleco
Tri-colored Carp

Category: Area

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