Lapis in Brave Exvius



Dirnado Continent

The Continent
Ambel Town
Dwarven Foundry
Baleine Tunnel
+Baleine Tunnel Deeps
+Baleine Tunnel Entrance
Dirbourg Mines
Dilmagia City
Gullhunter Checkpoint
Maranda Coast
Mobliz Airship Yard
Scrap Yard
Temple of Wind
Whispering Wind Road
Windcut Highlands
+Windcut Highlands East
+Windcut Highlands West

Surrounding Isles
Demon Mountain

Federation of Olderion

Olderion Continent

The Continent
Aquapolis Olderion
+Olderion New City
+Olderion Old City
Argath Grasslands
Carbuncle's Forest
Forest of the Lost
Lake Dohr
+Temple of Water
Tokkul Coastlands
Underground River
+Waterfall Passage
Water Cavern
Widow's Cape
Wriggling Spawning Pond

Sea Around the Continent
Ghost Ship
Pirate Ship
Stormy Sea

Grandshelt Kingdom

Grandshelt Archipelago

Main Island
Dalnakya Cavern
Dalnakya Plains
Earth Shrine
Fulan Pass
Royal Capital Grandshelt
+Grandshelt Castle
+Grandshelt Catacombs
Latius Woods
Port Lodin

Siren Island
Siren's Tower

Volcanic Island
Inferno Hollow
Ordol Port

Kolobos Island

Main Island
Kolobos Marsh
Kolobos Reef
Felicitas Town
Golzas Canyon
Golzas Peak
Golzas Wharf
Miasmatic Grotto
Port Kolobos
Shrine of Decay

Other Islands
Thunder Summit

Lanzelt Continent

Deserted Highroad
Kol Badlands
Port City Lydira
Lanzelt Estuary
Lanzelt Mountains
+Lanzelt Highlands
+Lanzelt Lowlands
+Lanzelt Snowcap
+Lanzelt Snowfields
+Wolfsfang Peak
Lanzelt Ruins
Lechios Hills
Lost Village of Marlo
Phantom Forest
Village of Kol
Zadehl Desert
+Zadehl Eastersand
+Zadehl Westersand
+Zadehl Southersands

Kingdom of Fulm

Fulm Continent

Cron Palisade
Cyan Town
Forgotten Ramparts
Heishin Belt
Lake Ryusei
Lao Hill
Lunfa Plains
Misty Bamboo Grove
Mossy Forest


Mysidia Continent

Main Continent
Glittering Snowfields
Magic City of Mysidia
+Mage Training Grounds
+Mysidia Metropolitan Area
+Mysidian Catacombs
Nameless Castle
Snowmountain Village
Snowy Forest

Library Island
Library of Magic

Western Island
Hidden Village of Mages
Titan's Cave
Tower of Mysidia
+Tower of Mysidia Highest Floor

Zoldaad Empire

Zoldaad Continent

Abandoned Orphanage
+Raven Hideout
Barren Wasteland
Destroyed Town
Imperial Capital Zoldaad
+Zoldaad Castle
+Invincible Hangar
+Invincible Hull
+Invincible Inside
Rotting Castle
Timber Express
Volcanic Zone
+Communications Tower
+Erupting Volcano
+Fire Shrine
+Magitek Armor Factory
+Mireth Canyon

Other Areas

Golonoir Continent

Duggle Village
Defiled Forest
Golonoir Temple
+Golonoir Temple Entrance
+Golonoir Temple Inner
+Golonoir Temple Inner Sanctum
Hill of Grief
Large Underground Ruins
Masterless Underground Castle
+Masterless Underground Castle Inner Sanctum
Misma Mountain Path
Ragulus Tunnel
Rotten Shrine
Ruined Shrine Road
Ruins of the Fallen
Swamp of No Return
Underground Town Gabellada
Zanton Dunes
Zazar Gorge

Land of the Crystals

The Azure Top
Crystal Grove at Dusk
Crystal Road
Crystal Tower
Persistent Sea of Clouds
Skycolor Caves
Setting Sun Peak
Sylph's Cave
Torn Off Land
Town of Mirages


World of the Mind

Enemy Lines

Dimensional Rift


Barrier Tower of Earth
Barrier Tower of Wind
Moogle King's Castle

Dimensional Vortex

Dimensional Vortex (permanent)
Vortex of Desires
+Chamber of Experience
+Chamber of Creation
+Chamber of Awakening
+Chamber of Wealth
+Chamber of Magicite
+Chamber of Crystals
Rift of Trials
+Hall of Descent
+Hall of Advent
+Hall of Challenge

Dimensional Vortex (recurring events)
Cactuar Dunes
Gil Turtle Cave
Vision Maze

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