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Brave Exvius

Lapis is a world of unknown size1 and a long and bloody history. The known continents are Lanzelt, which is surrounded by the Grandshelt Isles and various islands and houses the Earth Crystal, Dirnado where the Wind Crystal can be found, Ordellion that is home to the Water Crystal, home of the Fire Crystal Zoldaad, home of the Light Crystal Mysidia, home of the Dark Crystal Golonoir, as well as the continent of Fulm.

In Lapis, the souls and feelings of people may stay behind after their death, and can be called forth from the crystals with the power of Vision. Vision is capable of tapping into the memory of people and beings not only in the world of Lapis, but other worlds as well. Skies aren't shown extensively enough to say if there's one moon or more, and what its/theirs properties might be.

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