Lake Tahtotl


Lake Tahtotl (タホトトル湖 [tahtotl ko] or 'lake tahtotl' in Japanese) is a lake in north Shroud. Its surroundings saw some slight retcons between versions 1.x and 2.0+. Originally Alder Springs was to its the south-east and Lasthold (including Proud Creek) far to the east. In version 2.0+ it is now Proud Creek that fills up the south-eastern shore, and it is also Proud Creek the river that connects it to Fallgourd Lake to the south. Alder Springs is now south of Fallgourd Lake instead of directly on the shores of Lake Tahtotl, although it may still fill up the south-western shore which is unidentified on maps.

The Ixal use Lake Tahtotl as a means to transport illegally logged lumber from the Black Shroud to their main nesting grounds in Xelphatol, up the mountains to the north.



Fishing Hole: Lake Tahtotl
Level: 50, Type: Freshwater
Assassin Betta
Boxing Pleco
Pond Mussel
Timeworn Peisteskin Map

Category: Area

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