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La Noscea (ラノシア [la noscea] in Japanese) is a region consisting of the Vylbrand island's southern lowlands. To the north lies the O'Ghomoro volcano. La Noscea borders the Rhotano Sea to the south and west, and the Strait of Merlthor to the east. The closest islands to the south are the Cieldalaes, and to the west beyond the Strait lies Thanalan.

The area is governed largely by the maritime city-state of Limsa Lominsa. They have recently started pushing the settlement effort of La Noscea, bringing conflicts with Kobolds, the local beastmen, into front and center. Another source of contention are the Sahagin, who since the Calamity have started settling the shores of Western La Noscea. Lominsan ships, known for ranging far and wide, also frequently come to conflict with Garlean ships from the east and north.

Regardless of the area, the La Noscea region sees a lot of sun, but also a good amount of rainstorms. Winds arise often from the sea. Local produce includes all kinds of coarse wheats and vegetables, fish and other products of the sea, produce from sheep and dodos, as well as various types of metal ores. There used to be forests in La Noscea in the days of yore, but they were cut down for the region's burgeoning shipwright industry. These days, quality lumber usually has to be imported.
As for the local wildlife, various plains creatures such as mandragoras and bees can be found aplenty, as well as wolves and roselings. Aside from kobolds inland and sahagins by the shores, in recent years goblins have taken to roaming the land as well, and bands of qiqirn have been known to inhabit the surrounding isles since before the Calamity. To add to it all, out-of-work Mamool Ja mercenaries from the western continent have taken to roaming the highlands of La Noscea.


La Noscea used to be divided into four regions, but since the Calamity has been divided into six. Middle La Noscea is the area right outside of Limsa Lominsa, surrounding the Galadion Bay, although it used to count as part of Lower La Noscea. The local aetheryte camp is Summerford (previously called Bearded Rock). There are a lot of caves in the area, and giving into the Moraby Bay area used to be the Shposhae cave complex before the Calamity. Following the shoreline south, one enters Lower La Noscea. On the eastern half of the Gods' Grip is the Oschon's Torch lighthouse. On the western half is the Llymlaen's Ring lighthouse in the south and the Craneperch Tower to the north in the Widow Cliffs area towards Cedarwood and Red Rooster Stead. The settlement of Mist can also be found in Widow Cliffs.
In version 2.0 both the Rogue River and the Agelyss River give out to the sea here, but it's unknown if their course were changed in the Calamity or if they have always run through Middle La Noscea.

The local aetheryte of Western La Noscea can be found in Skull Valley, in the Aleport hamlet. There's also the Swiftport settlement and its lighthouse nearby, in the now-barren fields of Quarterstone. More towards the Isles of Umbra to the south-west is the Halfstone area that used to have a settlement as well before being taken over by the sahagin, and in the corner to the north and west lies Sapsa Spawning Grounds, that used to be known as Bald Knoll. There are extensive cave networks beneath much of the area, the currently most accessible one being Sastasha, which connects to Mistbeard Cove that used to be the main cave complex.

On the northern shores of Bronze Lake in Outer La Noscea lies Camp Iron Lake, the local aetheryte camp. Further to the north and east of it is the Iron Lake, and close by it entrance to the kobold-ruled U'Ghamaro Mines. It all used to count as part of Upper La Noscea, which now includes only everything south of Bronze Lake's north shore. To the south-west of Bronze Lake can be found the Oakwood area and south-east lies Zelma's Run that connects the area to Eastern La Noscea.

The core of the Eastern La Noscea is formed by Bloodshore in the east and Raincatcher Gulley to the west. In the Bloodshore side is the newly built Costa del Sol, nearby of which used to be Cassiopeia Hollow, Further south of that can be found the Gullperch Tower. Both Tiger Helm Island and South Bloodshore are off the shore to the east from southern portions of Bloodshore. In the Raincatcher Gulley side, there is the Wineport hamlet, and to the north is the Agelyss Wise area.

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