Jadeite Thick


Jadeite Thick (翡翠湖畔 [hisui kohan] or 'jade lakeside' in Japanese) is an area of central Shroud hemmed in by the lake Jadeite Flood to the north, and the West and East branches of the river Vein to the west and east respectively, forming a triangle upon which the Thick is located. Beyond the West Vein is Bentbranch, and beyond East Vein is Greentear. The Blue Badger Gate to Gridania is located on its northern quadrant. Due to its proximity to the city of Gridania, the site is also an idea location for a military rookies training camp, called the Bannock.

The area is said to have gained its name from how deeply green the waters look as the green of the forest canopies is reflected in them. Whatever the case, the name is a retcon and in version 1.x Jadeite Thick was part of the greater Bentbranch area.


Blue Badger Gate

The central Shroud side of the Blue Badger Gate (青狢門 [seikakumon] or 'blue badger gate' in Japanese), it is separated from the Gridania side of the Gate by the Mistalle Bridges that take any travelers over the Jadeite Flood.

The Bannock

The Bannock (バノック練兵所 [bannock renpeijo] or 'bannock military drill place' in Japanese) is a post-Calamity addition, a place to train fresh Order of the Twin Adder initiates. It was built on the stump of a fallen heavenspillar, and got its named from the hard type of bread that is served to the initiates that quite resembles the flat top of the stump1.

Gilbert's Spire

Gilbert's Spire (ギルバート監視哨 [gilbert kanshishou] or 'gilbert observation post' in Japanese) is a watchtower built on the edge of the East Vein, at the crossroads between the road leading east from Gridania's Blue Badger Gate and a road that separates from it and heads down south towards Bentbranch Meadows. The watchtower gained its name from Gilbert Trueshot, a hero from Gridania's early days and the first to carry the Godsbow title.


Note that in version 1.x Jadeite Thick was part of the greater Bentbranch area. Please see the page for Bentbranch for 1.x info.


The Bannock
Hearer Alixie
Wood Wailer Elmar
Gods' Quiver Galfrid Mossback
Wood Wailer Quartermaster Lanverlais the Lawful
Gods' Quiver Mariustel
Levemete Muriaule
Gods' Quiver Ombelle
Gods' Quiver Tsubh Khamazom
Merchant & Mender

Gilbert's Spire
Wood Wailer Arold
Wood Wailer Monranguin

Other NPCs
Gods' Quiver Cynewyn

Quest NPCs
Leih Aliapoh
Daydreaming Initiate
Meditating Initiate
Slumbering Initiate

Serpent Recruit


Main Quests
Passing Muster
Chasing Shadows
An Eft for Effort
Eggs Over Queasy
Surveying the Damage
Spirithold Broken

Side Quests
Idle Initiatives
More than a Flesh Wound
Splitting Shells

Battlecraft Leves
Compost with the Most
A Full Stomach
No Bane, No Gain
Nutbreaker Suite
Picking Up the Piercers
River Raid
Scourge of the Saplings
Stay for a Vile
A Vine Finer than Twine
Water, Water Everywhere
We Didn't Start the Fire
Wrangling Raptors

Tradecraft Leves
Bowing Out
A Clogful of Camaraderie
Got Your Back
Leaving without Leave
Sole Traders
Spears and Sorcery
Sticking Their Necks Out
A Sword in Hand
A Thorn in One's Hide

Fieldcraft Leves
East Bank Story
Evil Seeds
If a Tree Falls
Let the Sun Shine In
Lovely Latex
No Bark, All Bite
Waking Wood
We Couldn't Start the Fire

Clever Girls
One Enchanted Eve
Something in the Water
Training Day


Level: 5
Allagan Snail
Ice Shard
Maple Branch
Maple Log
Wind Shard

Fishing: The Vein
Level: 5, Type: Freshwater
Brass Loach
Eunuch Crayfish
Maiden Carp
Striped Goby


Regular Monsters
Bog Yarzon
Forest Funguar
Ground Squirrel
Little Ladybug
Treant Sapling
Water Sprite

FATE Monsters
Enchanted Funguar
Miraudont the Madder
Stagnant Water Sprite

Quest Monsters
Hunting Falcon
Leih Aliapoh
Tainted Wind Sprite

Rank B+ Hunts
White Joker

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