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First of all, it bears noting that 'Ivalice' is not the actual name of the world. It is the name of a region consisting of the continents of Ordalia, Kerwon and Valendia (FF12 times), and the name of a kingdom (FFT times). However, since no name is given for the entire world, most people call it 'Ivalice'.

The world is known to be a vast place with varying climates, which can be greatly affected by Mist. As far as can be told there is only one moon to the world, with a standard white glow. Aside from the aforementioned continents of Ordalia (western), Kerwon (central south) and Valendia (central north), there are mentions of a land to the east ruled by 'eastern kingdoms', and islands to the far west that are ruled by their own small nations. In addition, there's known to be at least one military-minded nation to the south, this can either be located in the southern reaches of Ordalia or be on its own continent entirely. This makes for a total of 4-5 great continents and the islands of the west, as far as can be told about the span of the world.

Great swathes of Ivalician history is handled through the games. What we know is that first there was a long period known as the Age of Gods in which one advanced race ruled over the others. After they departed for a new home in the skies, civilization first peaked, then plummeted for an unknown reason. During the times of FF12 much of it was regained, but soon the Cataclysm came and the world was largely without technology again. For quite some time after, no advancements were made in that front, and even magick slowly withered away. The last known stage of civilization in Ivalice is an age with no magick at all but technology somewhat comparable to Earth.

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